Now that you’re sufficiently inspired on the workspace design front, it’s time to figure out what you need to make your dream desk happen. If you’re not looking for a serious project, sometimes desk accessories are the best place to start. Here are 20 such items that will surely add a bit of whimsy to the workday.

1. Pantone Mugs ($16): Gotta start off with the perfect mug for your cup of joe.

2. Weekly Chalkboard Calendar ($25): Keep track of your daily to-dos with a weekly chalkboard wall calendar. For more ideas on keeping your to-dos in order, head here.

3. Sushi Memo Block ($20): How cute are these?

4. Lazerwood Keys ($40): An oldie but a goodie, these wooden keyboard decals add a touch of rustic charm to any laptop.

5. Mechanical Colored Pencils ($16): You read that right. Mechanical. Colored. Pencils. Anthropologie, why must you always win?

6. Deer Paper Clips ($18): Oh deer!

7. Drinklip Cup Holder ($5): Featured a while ago here on Brit + Co, the Drinklip is a pretty sweet way to keep your coffee on your desk… without worrying about it spilling and frying your laptop.

8. Space Bar ($100): Get more out of your limited desk space with the space bar. It’s perfect for storing your phone, extra USB ports, etc.

9. Urbio Wall Garden + Organizer ($75): Like an open desk but need your stuff around? Wall caddies to the rescue! The Urbio is particularly awesome because it works as a vertical planter as well.

10. USB Tulip Hub ($10): Speaking of getting more flora on your desk, we’re loving this tulip USB hub.

11. Zamboni Mini Vacuum ($8): For the tiniest of messes, there’s the Zamboni!

12. Camera Lens Mug ($24-$30): Spending most of your day in Photoshop? Get some analog camera love on your desk with these lens mugs (which happen to double as vases).

13. Rhombins ($39): We love these colorful, modular, desktop organizers.

14. Stackable Office Supplies: This system of supplies is sleek and stackable. Who knew a calculator, USB hub, and stapler could be such good friends?

15. Task Clips ($10): Do. Send. File. Read. And… repeat.

16. Pop Phone Handset ($12): In an age where many offices don’t even have landlines, the pop phone will add a bit of playfulness to your next conference call.

17. Pie Graph Sticky Notes ($8): So cute.

18. Pencil Caps ($5): If you use pencils a lot, you’ve probably ruined a purse or two. Snag a pack of these caps for style and pencil lead protection ;)

19. Donut Whiteboard ($10): It’s a whiteboard in the shape of a donut. What more do you need to know?

20. Bonheur Constant Pen Case ($21): And last, a super cute pencil case! Love the elastic inside that keeps everything in order.

How do you liven up your workspace? Share your favorite products with us in the comments below.