Last week was all about getting cozy and colorful when you’re vegging out, and this week’s all about finding the perfect workspace. Whether you work at home or at an office, the things that surround you from morning to evening are more important than you think. Here are 15 ideas for creating a productive, creative, and beautiful workspace.

1. Neon: A neon-themed office space? We heart this. (via Glitter Guide)

2. Chalkboard Bulletin Board: Chalkboard paint is pretty much our jam, so both of these bulletin boards are up our alley. Add magnetic paint for the ultimate memo board. (via Interior Design Tips + The Diversion Project)

3. Open Bookshelves: Need tons of shelf space but don’t want to lose natural light at your desk? We love the look of these open bookshelves. (via Alicia Hanson)

4. Tons of Wall Art: When in doubt, make, find, and buy tons of wall art. It’s an easy and quick way to add personality and color to any boring office nook. (via Design*Sponge + Dwell)

5. A Desk with a View: Nothing gives the mind a bit of rest in the middle of the workday than gazing out the window. Just don’t gaze for too long! (via Coco Cozy + Kristalia)

6. Library Style: Taking a cue from classic libraries in manors and estates from generations past, it can be a great comfort to surround yourself with your favorite books. (via MashKulture.Net + Rococo Report)

7. Eclectic Objects: Got a knack for winding the weirdest and most awesome things at the flea market? (via The Pursuit Aesthetic)

8. Clipboard Wall: Well doesn’t that look familiar? We created a clipboard wall as a real-life Pinterest board for our office, and love the look of these.(via Swiss Miss + Pinterest)

9. Lots of Flora: Surround yourself with plants and that extra oxygen is sure to boost productivity. If you’re not sure how to get started, be sure to check out Urbio, a cool wall garden gadget. (via Home Designing + vtwonen)

10. Geometric Details: Stationery is still awesome, and a whole bunch of notepads, journals, pencil cases, and what not are a quick way to make your workspace look more organized than it is ;) (via The White Apartment)

11. For the Fashionista: If you work with textiles a lot, it’s back to open bookshelves. We love all the rich hues and fabrics in this space. (via Design Per Click)

12. Color Explosion: More neon!! We particularly love the red legs on the desks. (via The Office Stylist)

13. Minimal White: You can never go wrong with a mostly white theme – just be sure to pick those pops of color wisely. (via Vasares Visual Wonderland + Home Adore)

14. Inspiration Line: If you want to keep all sorts of clippings on hand but don’t want the crowded clipboard, try creating a clothesline-style way of hanging those random tidbits. (via Tea for Joy)

15. Getting Crafty: Lastly, we’ve got the most organized crafter’s desk we’ve ever seen. It manages to be minimal and crafty all at the same time. Love it. (via Apartment Therapy)

What does your workspace look like? Send photos our way via Facebook or Twitter.