Glitter, old iPhone chargers, yarn, mason jars, spray paint, and every color duct tape you can possibly imagine. Those are just a few of the things that have been crowding the shelves of what was formerly a very disorganized craft closet.

One of the challenges of being a combination tech startup and lifestyle site is that we're as fast-paced and scrappy as a startup, but with a lot of crazy supplies and materials that we use on a daily basis. In between writing about the latest camera apps, experimenting with glittering our cleaning tools, and cooking up mac and cheese muffins, it's virtually impossible to find time to organize all of our stuff. That's why we turned to the ladies at Neat Method, who transformed our totally disorganized supply area into a fully functional efficient craft closet.

First, they took everything out of the closet and figured out what all we have.

From a pile of t-shirt scraps to confetti to 40 pairs scissors from a recent TaskRabbit event and every type of string you can imagine, they sorted through through all of our materials and developed an organization plan.

They rainbow organized the embroidery floss.

And our rolls upon rolls of duct tape.

On the left, they turned our crowded Ikea Expedit Shelves into a well-organized crafter's dream.

Bins organized into adhesives, wooden materials, yarn, spray paint, etc. Jars for the small things, and a lovely ribbon box.

They even found a charming home for our hot pink pumps.

On the right side, they used Baker's Racks for more large scale storage. A box of jars, our Christmas goodies, the sewing machine, and about 100 paper lanterns from Brit's wedding.

And on the top shelf, they created boxes for each of our past projects!

Now the task of getting inspired is sure to be oodles easier, and more productive. Neat Method specializes in professional organization, and is committed to finding solutions that bring comfort, efficiency, and style to your home, studio or office. They're currently available in San Francisco and Chicago, with plans to expand in the near future. And they've got a whole network of likeminded organizers across the country, so feel free to contact them for local suggestions and advice.

What does your crafting closet look like? Need some inspiration for how to properly sort through all the rubbish? Leave us a note in the comments below, or send craft room photos our way on Twitter or Facebook. We'll post the best ones on our blog!