We’re all familiar with the classic beer helmet. Though it’s not the most attractive-looking wearable, we appreciate the function behind it. Sometimes you want to keep your beer on you, but you simply don’t want to carry it. Since there aren’t magical cocktail tables appearing everywhere you walk, there’s only one thing to do: Wear Your Beer!

Beer Buckle ($30): If you have been watching the latest season of Shark Tank (we’re obsessed!), our first product might look familiar. The BevBuckle is the latest in beer-wearing fashion. It’s a buckle that fits on any standard belt – just put it on, flip down the face plate, watch as a ring pops up, and slide your beer right in. It comes in different styles, ranging from the standard buckle, to a Texas buckle and even a “Sting Bling” stingray skin buckle. There’s something a little off-putting about it being in the center of the body, but the convenience of a beer holder in a belt buckle is definitely notable. How great would these be for football season?!

Next up, we’ve got some more inspiration from the wild wild west.

Beer Holster ($30): Doing a long day of yard work and looking for an easy way to carry that bottle of Bud? Or perhaps you’re the official grillmaster at your next backyard barbecue? This handy holster keeps your beer right where it belongs, is rugged and durable, and can even be personalized.

Would you wear either of these beer wearables? Are they actually convenient or just novel?

We’re all about the holster but not sure how convenient the buckle would actually be. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come talk to us on Twitter.