Nothing like borrowing your man’s shirt, throwing a belt on and rocking it with a pair of leggings, right? Well, sort of right. While we love being scrappy, we wanted to take the DIY shirt dress even further with help from our sewing machine and a few key cuts.

 – 2 oversized men’s button down shirts

– sharp scissors

– sewing machine

– optional: belts for accessorizing!

For our first look, we wanted to create a sweet little tank dress, perfect for Indian summer. We found this chambray-style red button down at a thrift shop. First thing to do is cut off the collar and sleeves (save the fabric).

At the top, fold over each side and stitch. Make sure to leave enough room to put a draw string through.

Finish the edges of the arm holes with a contrasting thread for some fun detailing.

Use scraps from the shirt sleeves to create two drawstrings. String through the top and tie on each end.

So cute! This is definitely on the short side for a dress, but pair it with leggings or skinnies and you’re all set.

Our next look is definitely a little more city girl. We found a super retro shirt with a geometric pattern, one that may have spent a night or two in da club. ;)

Cut triangles out at the shoulder. Pin!

To create a more feminine shape, create darts at the back. Then sew!

Belt with a little bling and you’re ready for a night out.

Have you tried your hand at repurposing men’s shirts? Or perhaps restyling them in one of our 10 ways? Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.