Well, 2016, we had a good run鈥 at least when it comes to our nails. Let鈥檚 take a moment to reminisce on the year that brought us everything from election-inspired designs to groovy tie-dye digits. Now that 2017 is here, we鈥檙e ready to change it up. New year, new nail art! Even if that means taking remover to our ugly sweater mani (tear). So in true trend-casting fashion, we took to Insta to scope out the major manis that are dominating our feeds RN (spoiler alert: metallics, geometric inspo and touches of black). Pull out your polish, because you鈥檒l want to recreate these looks ASAP.

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1. Split Chrome: Metallurgic chrome gets an edgy update with black polish. Pro tip: Use painter鈥檚 tape to create clean lines.

Galaxy Foil 馃挮馃専

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2. Galaxy Foil: We鈥檙e over the moon for this astronomy-inspired mani (sorry, we couldn鈥檛 resist). Lapis, purple and gold mesmerizes to infinity and beyond.

3. Vertical Ombre: Vertical ombre gets a dash of dazzle with gold sparkles. They鈥檙e perfect for a belated holiday party or first weekend of 2017 soiree. Is that a thing? If not, it totally should be.


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4. Drip Drop: We鈥檙e gaga over these glam drips. Start with a gray base, then use a thin striper brush to create the 鈥渄rips鈥 of varying lengths 鈥 mauve (Floss Gloss Mauve Wives), soft blush rose (Floss Gloss Palazzo Pleasures), rose gold (Smith & Cult Opaque Rose Gold Foil) and white (Essie Blanc).

5. Shapes + Squiggles: If we asked a bunch of nail enthusiasts what a party mani means to them, we鈥檇 prob get a split between neon and metallic. So why not mix and match? A silver base with hot pink dots, green squiggles and orange triangles feels at once super 鈥80s and totally 2017.

6. Gold Cuticles: We always thought the goal was to avoid polish on our fingers. Not with this chic 鈥 albeit counterintuitive 鈥 design. Keep your nails bare and and let your cuticles shine with a gold metallic shade.

7. Icy Color Blocking: Color blocking is already cool, but this icy color combo makes it positively frosty. How chic would this look with a full-on winter white ensemble?

8. Crystal Pixie: Give saturated hues a break with this ethereal geode mani. Gold embellishments and crystals finish this New Age design.

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9. Chrome + Lines: Chrome nails are the epitome of outer space cool. Edge 鈥榚m up with black lines, but steady hands are required! We鈥檇 suggest enlisting the help of one of your more creative pals or a pro, if you鈥檙e so inclined.

10. Constellations: It鈥檚 written in the stars, err, your nails. This celestial design feels super fresh in black and white. Craving metallics? You could totally swap out white for a sparkly silver polish.

Detail from @allure @sally_hansen metallic houndstooth

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11. Metallic Houndstooth: This is NOT your grandpa鈥檚 houndstooth. Shimmering jewel-toned polishes make it feel super luxe.

12. Noir: Onyx polish makes for an edgy negative space mani. Not digging such a dark hue? Why not try lapis or plum?

13. Plum Chrome: If you can鈥檛 tell by now, we鈥檙e kind of obsessed with chrome (well, us and everyone else on the planet). This chromed-out aubergine is equal parts moody, broody and sexy.

Metallic outlines

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14. Metallic Outlines: We鈥檙e getting major Jem and the Holograms vibes. Swap out darker digits for an unexpected bubblegum hue. Outline each nail with a different metallic and finish with a silver star decal.

15. Geometric Monochrome: Not ready to commit to full-blown nail art? Try topping a nude base with a simple black and white angular outline.


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16. Abstract Galaxy: Can鈥檛 decide between galaxy and geometric? Why not do both? Give your tips some love with a futuristic galaxy design, and use thin strips of silver foil to create an inverted 鈥淭鈥 at the base.

17. Silver + Gold Ombre: Who said you had to choose between silver and gold? This glam duo (Essie Apres-Chic and Essie Getting Groovy) is like the Batman and Robin of metallics. Not saying which is which.

Marbleized Metallic

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18. Marbleized Metallic: Major points for this abstract metallic marble design. The best part? You don鈥檛 need to be a pro to copy. Pick two or three of your fave shiny shades and give them a swirl. Perfection isn鈥檛 the goal. Have some fun with it!

馃拝鈼斤笍鉃栤椉锔忦煒 @elleemgee5

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19. Geometric Glass: Soft pink is classic, but kinda safe. Take it up a notch with strips of glass in coordinating hues.

20. Black + Gold: Cha-ching! Show off your sassy side with bold gold, black and white details. Rock a different design on each finger, because why not?

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