If you couldn’t tell by the barrage of ads, bumper stickers and banners that have been forced upon us, election season is almost at an end! We are just a few precious days away from a brand spankin’ new prez, ladies. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, it’s super important to get out and vote on Tuesday (be sure to register if you haven’t already). Need some encouragement? Take heed that politics isn’t all power suits and speeches — it can be fun too. Why not rock the vote this year with a nail style that’s tailor-made for exercising your civic duty? Get out there — this election is going to change history.

1. Nail the Vote: These bipartisan nails show some love for Republicans and Democrats alike. Add in some stars and stripes and you’ll be ready to rock your vote on Election Day.

2. Hillary Mani: Katy Perry wore these “Hillary 2016” nails at a campaign event for Clinton recently. Copy the look to let everyone know you’re with her.

3. Make Your Manicure Great Again: It’s 2016, and anything can happen — even seeing the Don in your nail art! This homemade mani is ready to cast a ballot.

4. True Red, White and Blue: Keep it simple with this all-American look as you head to your polling place. You won’t even need an election sticker to let everyone know you voted!

5. Clinton Cartoon Nails: With Hillary Clinton set as the first woman on the ballot for a major party in a US presidential election, you may want to quote Beyoncé. Who run the world? Girls.

6. Abstract Election Nails: Add some elephants, polka dots and gingham, and you’ve got a strong Republican showing on your hands! Swap in a couple donkeys if you’re on the other side of the aisle.

7. American Flag Nails: These American flag nails look cute on the Fourth of July, so why not recycle them as you cast your ballot on Tuesday? Channel your inner patriot with this USA-themed nail art.

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8. Election Glitz: Be as flashy as a Donald Trump hotel with this glitzy mani. Get your vote on in style with star decals and a dab of glitter.

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