26 Reasons to Throw an Epic Brunch Wedding
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26 Reasons to Throw an Epic Brunch Wedding

Nothing is better than a boozy brunch — except maybe a beautiful wedding. When you think about it, there’s really no reason *not* to merge two of your favorite things. Picture it with us: a mimosa-filled reception tent, a towering waffle cake and ALL the bacon you can eat. And of course, there are the hidden perks: Your photographer is going to capture endless well-lit photos, and the vibe of the party can be as casual or formal as you’d like. Oh, did we mention that your morning wedding will be significantly less expensive than an evening affair? Read on for 26 more reasons why brunch receptions are becoming all the rage.


1. Bagel Bar: The hand-rolled, water-boiled bagel is perhaps New York’s greatest gift to the world. For an authentic morning nosh, include cream cheese, lox, capers, onion and tomato in your spread. Lemon and dill are other excellent toppers. The best part? All of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, so catering doesn’t need to be extravagant. (via Wynn Myers)


2. DIY Jam: Have a crafty cook in your family? Make a batch of tasty jam for wedding favors, and include elements of the color scheme in the packaging. Then, place the edibles next to a sign with a cute message, like “Spread the love!” If you don’t have time to use a family recipe, purchase small glasses of jam at a wholesale price, and decorate them to your heart’s desire. (via Clean Plate Pictures / Wedding Chicks)


3. Coffee Galore: Since your wedding will most likely take place before noon, remember to provide plenty of caffeine for your guests. Create custom cups or stickers for the occasion. A cute phrase, like “Love is brewing,” really spruces up disposable products. (via Kirsten Julia Photography / MODWedding)


4. Sweet Tooth: This stack of 15+ pancakes looks JUST as photo-worthy as any fondant wedding cake we’ve seen. Who wouldn’t want to cut into those fluffy layers? Tip: A small floral arrangement gives any alternative dessert a pinch of wedding whimsy, and pulls the whole theme together. (via Angela Tucker / Caroline Bride)


5. Sunny Decor: A daytime wedding is the perfect time to run wild with your color scheme. Enjoy the benefits of hosting a less formal affair and bring in bright pastels, like coral and mint. Embrace the vibrance that brunch’s bright, cheery thoughts always bring. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


6. A Li’l Sparkle: Your diamond doesn’t have to be the only thing that shimmers at your wedding. Enter: the glitter donut. What’s not to obsess over? This tasty treat made with edible glitter will certainly be all over your guests’ Instagram accounts. (via Jennifer Xu Photography)


7. Fruity Fun: Oranges are a perfect pop of color at a brunch wedding. They can be used as decorations (hello, citrus chandeliers) or make a great budget-friendly favor. Tie a message to their stems for a more personalized touch. (via Stacy Able)


8. Making Mimosas: Speaking of oranges, let’s talk booze. A mimosa bar is one affordable way to incorporate alcohol into your wedding festivities. Guests will also enjoy creating their own signature drink. Essentials include orange juice and Champagne — but to save money, opt for Prosecco or sparkling wine. Then get creative: Include other juices like mango and pineapple, as well as several bowls of fresh fruit. (via J Wiley Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


9. Cup o’ Joe to Go: Chocolate-covered coffee beans are an adorable wedding favor that can be purchased in bulk. Slip these treats into cellophane bags and pass them out as is, or add a disposable cup with a cute message like, “Thanks for bean here!” Note: These will melt, so don’t leave them out in the heat. (via Evermine)


10. Grinding Away: Do you and your partner frequent a local coffee shop? Share your favorite brew with the wedding guests. This favor is both practical and sentimental. Buy small individual bags of beans or, for larger parties, purchase beans in bulk and package them yourself using paper bags and stamps. (via onelove photography / MODWedding)


11. Take-Home Tea: Not a coffee lover? Not a problem. Loose leaf tea is another inexpensive wedding favor you can’t help but adore. Guests can package their own blend, or receive a vial of delicious herbs pre-mixed. (via Table Decorating Ideas)

Ciara Richardson

12. Go Casual: Brunch weddings are pretty untraditional, so there are no formalities you must include at your ceremony or reception. Dress down. Dress up. Have a dance party. Play lawn games. The vibe of your big day is entirely up to you. (via Ciara Richardson / Snippet and Ink)


13. Embracing the Theme: Go big or go home, right? A brunch wedding is an insanely fun idea, so don’t be afraid of a citrus cake, a donut tower or a Bloody Mary bar. If you’ve got a creative concept, run with it. You don’t get married every morning. (via Emily Katharine Photography)


14. Clever Crosswords: Ah, the days of the morning paper. While many of us get our news online, this bride and groom-themed crossword puzzle is an adorable blast from the past. Games are also an excellent icebreaker at tables with mixed parties. (via Riverland Studios)


15. Cereal Station: Remember that glorious cereal bar at college? You could choose any cereal you wanted for breakfast, lunch, or (no judgment) dinner. Include a grown-up version at your brunch wedding, with add-ons like almond milk and fresh berries. (via onelove photography / MODWedding)

breakfast skewers

16. Yummy Appetizers: Who says your brunch wedding can’t have hors d’oeuvres? Sure, passed spring rolls could be odd with the breakfast theme. But donuts and berries dipped in chocolate sauce are something we’d definitely enjoy any time of day. (via Val So Cal)


17. All Things Bacon: A brunch wedding gives you the excuse to put bacon on everything. Desserts, eggs, in your Bloody Mary — the options are endless. You’ll love this recipe for maple bacon cupcakes. Just looking at this picture has our mouths watering. (via Pack Momma)


18. Afternoon Tea: Channel your inner Alice in Wonderland and serve tea toward the end of your reception. An eclectic collection of teacups also makes for darling table escort cards. The Mad Hatter would be proud. (via Irish Grzanich Photography)


19. Maple Favors: This groom’s family actually makes their own syrup, which doubled as escort cards and wedding favors. Don’t want to DIY it? Not to worry — Etsy has you covered. (via Elizabeth Fogarty)


20. Pimp Your Pancake: A station like this is a fabulous way to feed your many guests. The two cake holders piled high with pancakes and roses will also make for adorable wedding photos. (via Vanilla Photography / Huffington Post)

155713 copy

21. Waffle Cake: Powdered sugar and layers of whipped cream give this dessert just the right amount of sweetness. Top with syrup and fresh fruit for amazing “cake” cutting photos with your partner. (via Cool Chic Style Fashion)


22. Morning Paper: Extra, extra! Get cutesy, and make newspapers with your marriage announcement on the front page. This adorable idea gives guests something to read while food is being served, and can also double as a wedding favor or ceremony program. (via Riverland Studios)


23. Southern Charm: If you live below the Mason Dixon, grits are most likely a common breakfast food for your family — and an easy (read: affordable) way to serve lots of guests at your brunch wedding. Place toppings like bacon bits, cheese, chives and butter in cute glasses to spruce up the buffet display. (via The Reason / Lover.ly)


24. Donut Tower: Pinch us, because this beauty doesn’t even look real. Five tiers of frosted donuts? Topped with raspberries and big blooms? This white and pink dessert display is sure to turn heads at any wedding. (via Marilyn Bartman / Wedding Chicks)


25. Sweet and Simple: Have a waffle iron? Set it up at your wedding with a variety of tasty toppings, like fruit and whipped cream. Pro tip: Make sure to place the batter in easy-to-pour containers to avoid a mess. (via Kyla Zanardi)


26. Bloody Mary Bar: The best Bloody Marys are the ones that look as though a garden is exploding from its top. Be sure to put out plenty of colorful garnishes like olives, celery sticks, tomatoes, limes and cilantro. Top off the rim with chili salt for that extra zing. (via Beautiful Booze)

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