We’re endlessly impressed by the advances in the world of 3D printing, and the month of November has kicked off with some pretty cool innovations. From a folding pen to 3D couture and prosthetic hands, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest in 3D printing news. Read on for more!

1. The D180 Folding Pen – First up, we have the D180 Folding Pen. It’s a 3D printed pen that folds in half. It’s also super durable. Don’t believe us? Just watch the promo video, in which someone repeatedly tries to break the D180 with a hammer… to no avail. Oh, and it floats in water. Can your pen do that? This high-tech writing utensil is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and the first folding pens will ship out in January 2014.

2. 3D Printed Wool Sweaters – Appalatch might be our new favorite clothing company. Why? Because this outdoor apparel company is trying to change the way clothing is made, sold, and used. The Asheville-based brand is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter so that they can launch a 3D printed wool sweater collection. Each sweater will be custom fit, sustainably-sourced, and ethically-made. We’re so in. If you back the project before December 6th, you can expect your custom fit sweater by September 2014.

3. A 3D Printed Hand… For $10 – This has to be one of the most inspiring 3D printing stories we’ve come across this year. Paul McCarthy’s son, Leon, was born without fingers on his left hand. What did Paul do? He 3D printed a prosthetic hand for him. And, since he used a 3D printer at Leon’s school, the materials cost Paul less than $10. That’s right, he printed a functional HAND for under $10. Incredible.

4. Contour Crafting – This latest innovation in 3D printing is legitimately mind-blowing. Now there’s machine that can “print” a 2,500 square foot home in roughly 20 hours. The fabrication process known as Contour Crafting streamlines the process of construction by scaling 3D printing to a ginormous size. Just like the average 3D printer funnels filament, a massive machine deposits dense concrete layer by layer, building a home from the ground up based on a 3D model. Even essentials like plumbing, electric, and reinforcements can be automatically plugged into the blueprints. It’s official. Mind=Blown.

5. 3D Printed Jewelry at Neiman Marcus – 3D printing is officially fashionable, people. Neiman Marcus is now selling 3D printed jewelry online. The retailer has debuted a new Shapeways section on their site, where you’ll find two “limited-edition objets d’art” for sale. There’s a Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace and a Stainless Steel Orb Structure. The pieces are currently retailing at $295 and $395, respectively.

6. Piq Chocolates – Have you always wanted to personalize your own chocolate bar? Good news! Custom 3D chocolate is now a reality, thanks to Piq Chocolates. Using their online design tool, you can upload images, draw, or add text to a bar. After you’ve finished your designed, you just have to choose your chocolate. So easy! The Austin-based company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Does anyone else think these would make perfect stocking stuffers?

7. 3D Couture – Now this has to be the best union of fashion and technology we’ve seen in a while. Welcome to the world of 3D printed couture! Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has left her sewing machine beyond (okay, not entirely) in favor of the hottest fabricator around, a 3D printer. The items in her newest collection, entitled Wilderness Embodied, are created with a printable fabric that is flexible, durable, and can even be tossed into the washing machine. How crazy is that?

What 3D printing news did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!