Sound familiar? Just a few days ago we announced a brand new offering to Brit + Co. readers in San Francisco: Hand-delivered 3D printed roses for Valentine’s Day! That’s right. Folks in SF can surprise their special someone with a single rose, a half-dozen, or a dozen roses that will never, ever wilt. Read all about it right here. Now, we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you how we created these bold, bright, and colorful flowers.

 – 3D printed roses (template here)

– 3D printed stems (template here)

– mason jars

– teal paint

– yellow ribbon

– teal burlap

– floral foam

– epoxy


1. Print or order printed roses and stems.

2. Use epoxy to glue roses to stems. Let dry overnight.

3. For single roses, simply tie a ribbon and gift tag around each one.

4. For a bundle of six, wrap the stems in burlap and then again in ribbon.

5. For a dozen, place your roses in floral foam.

6. Paint the inside of a mason jar, let dry, and put the foam and roses in the jar.

7. Adorn with a ribbon as the finishing touch!

First things first, print those roses and stems. If you live in San Francisco, you can learn to use a 3D printer right here at Brit + Co SF. If not, you can order your own roses and stems via Shapeways.

Use epoxy to glue roses to stems. Let dry overnight.

How cute is that?

For single roses, simply tie a yellow ribbon around each one. You can also add a gift tag for that special personal touch.

For a half dozen roses, we bundled them together with burlap and ribbon.

Pretty adorable, if we do say so ourselves.

And for a dozen, we used floral foam to create a super sweet arrangement. Floral foam can be found at any plant store or flower market.

Place all dozen roses in the foam. Then place in your painted mason jar.

The perfect bouquet for a modern Valentine’s Day.

Again, if you’re in San Francisco and want to send some roses to your Valentine, be sure to order them now while supplies last. A single rose is $15, a half-dozen is $50, and a dozen is $100. Add $10 and a TaskRabbit will hand-deliver them on the 14th!

What are you giving your Valentine this year? Talk to us in the comments below.