Okay bride-to-be, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your bridesmaids. These ladies are standing up with you, supporting you on the biggest day of your life, quite possibly making sure you don’t trip over your train as you walk down the aisle, and dancing their hearts out until you get kicked out of your venue or the neighbors complain. So yeah, they deserve a special gift. We’re all about personalized presents like monogrammed bags and custom wine labels, but we also think a small DIY adds that extra bit of “I love you.” Today we’re showing you how to make lavender-scented sachets. These are great to put in your intimates drawer, hang in your closet, or even pop in your gym bag. Gotta keep fresh!



– fabric

– faux leather

– lavender

– a rivet


– sewing machine

– hammer

– fabric scissors

– awl



  1. Cut a small square of fabric approximately 3 inches by 3 inches.
  2. Cut out four triangles. The base of the triangle should be about 4 inches.
  3. Stack two triangles with the outside of the fabric facing in. Stitch along one edge.
  4. Take another triangle and stitch it to the side of one of the other triangles. Do the same with the last triangle.
  5. Then sew the triangles on each end together, creating a pyramid.
  6. Sew one side of the square to the bottom. Then sew the opposite side. Stitch the third side after that.
  7. Flip your fabric right side out.
  8. Add lavender to the sachet. Then sew the last side shut.
  9. Cut a thin piece of leather and poke the awl through both the leather and the sachet.
  10. Add a rivet to the hole, securing the leather to the sachet and hammer in place.

Cut a small square of fabric. We made ours about 3 x 3 inches, but you can make yours as large or small as you want. Then cut out four identical triangles. You want the bottom edge of the triangle to be longer than the side of the square to account for the stitching.


Next, take two triangles and stack them with the outside of your fabric facing in. Stitch along one side edge. Then add another triangle and sew that in place.


Keep going, adding the last triangle, and then sew the two triangles on each end together to make a little pyramid. Isn’t it great when you can see your project start to take shape?


Okay, now get your square and sew one edge to the bottom edge of one triangle. Then sew the opposite edge. This will keep your sachet even. Put a third edge through your sewing machine and then flip the fabric right side out. Be sure to poke into the corners to make them sharp. Add your lavender, filling it almost to the brim. Fold the edges in and then run the last edge through your sewing machine to close it up. If you prefer, you can hand-stitch the last side. Just make sure to create tight stitches or the lavender will fall through.


Looking good.


For the strap, cut out a small strip of leather. Then fold it in half, and place it at the top of the sachet where you want it to be. Poke your awl through both the leather and the fabric. Put the male side of your rivet through all of the holes and then secure it with the female side. Give it a good whack with your hammer and viola! You’re done.


Your bridesmaids are going to feel so special when they see this handmade gift. And they’re going to feel instantly relaxed when they smell the lavender. So calming.


You can style them on a gold jewelry stand or on a tray with some lavender.


Who else would you give these to? What other bridesmaids gifts would you want to learn how to DIY?