As you probably know, we’re obsessed with all things 3D printing. The 3Doodler is the latest and greatest innovation in 3D printing, and it’s bound to give all those desktop 3D printers a little healthy competition. It’s a pen… that 3D prints. Seriously. From now on your drawings will (literally!) leap off the page.

Anyone who can write, draw, or doodle can use the 3Doodler. It looks like that Squiggle Wiggle Writer you used when you were 8, but the results are way cooler. Simply put pen to paper and start drawing. As you draw, heated plastic comes out of the bottom of the pen like ink. The plastic then quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure.

We’re dreaming about the ways that the 3Doodler could totally amp up our DIY efforts. Personalized phone cases, fridge magnets, and fun jewelry would all be fun projects to try. The 3Doodler team even created this incredible 3D model of the Eiffel Tower.

To make this Kickstarter project even cooler, 3Doodler teamed up with Etsy to show off some of the amazing wire art projects that can be made using this revolutionary pen. We’re swooning over this 3D printed statement necklace!

At just 3 days old in Kickstarter time, the 3Doodler has already skyrocketed way past its funding goal, and we can’t wait to see what cool new features start popping up. A $75 pledge on Kickstarter will get you a 3Doodler pen and two bags of mixed colored plastic by October of this year. Each bag of plastic comes with approximately 11 feet of doodling fun.

What would you doodle with the 3Doodler? What other innovations have you seen or backed lately over on Kickstarter? Talk to us in the comments below.