If you, like us, get rushes of adrenaline when you discover clever organizing hacks, then you’re in the right place. It’s about to GO. DOWN. We’re taking our go-to organization hacks to the next, unbelievably adorable level, with the help of our Brit + Co planner accessories.

By now you’ve likely heard us get loud and proud about our planner line (available at Target!). As stoked (and we are STOKED, believe you me) as we are with our eight incredible planners, we’re quite possibly *more* excited about the accompanying accessories. We designed them to make each planner more than just a new planner, but a home to a super duper custom organized schedule and a place to creatively express yo’self (hello fabric patches and coloring pages!). Turns out, these ever-versatile products — magnetic bookmarks, to patterned washi tape, to hologram alphabet stickers — are pretty useful outside of the planners, too.


Scroll on for some rad ways to use our Brit + Co planner accessories.


Scoop them up here!

1. Hang almost anything on a pegboard. ‘Round these parts, we like to hang paint tubes, glues, inspo images and other working materials on pegboards with binder clips. It’s a neat way to display the tools we use every day, and it’s *way* easier to find them when we need them in a pinch.

2. Hold cords in place on your desk. Simply clip one these fellas to the side of your table, then thread a cord through. No more reaching for that charger on the ground! Your back will thank us later :)

3. Display photos without damage. Avoid punching holes in your photos by displaying with these binder clips instead! Pinch the image in question, then hang the wings off of a thumbtack in the wall.

4. Roll up your toothpaste. Or paint tube, or lotion, or anything that needs a little squeeze.


Psst: Grab these amazing patterns right over here!

1. Label your keys. Those precious seconds spent fiddling with your keys could totally be spent elsewhere. Mark each key with a different washi tape pattern to keep easy track of what goes where.

2. Label your cords. Speaking of saving time, chances are you spend quite a bit tracking down the correct charger in your drawers, too. Add little washi tape flags to each with a simple label (phone, microUSB, laptop… you get the gist), so you can easily identify them in the tangle.

3.Make a wall calendar. This one is a must for families! We like to create giant wall calendars with washi and fill the squares with sticky notes. Bonus: It also makes rescheduling a cinch :)

4. Decorate EVERYTHING. Here are 15 places to start.


Check out all of our alphabet letter styles here.

1. Create a labeled indoor herb garden. Never get your herbs mixed up again! Label those basil, thyme and rosemary plants sittin’ on your kitchen counter with these gold foil alphabet stickers for some cute *and* useful kitchen decor.

2. Label your VIP document folders. Just because it holds serious information doesn’t mean the vessel can’t be fun.

3. Tag storage boxes. Add initials, labels and other info to storage boxes – especially ones that might be on display. Photo boxes, we’re lookin’ at you!

4. Label pantry items. That way you’ll never mix up flour and baking soda ever, ever again.


Scoop up these best sellers right over here!

1. Hold your place in your planner. Flip to the exact day in question using these genius li’l bookmarks. We also like to keep a bookmark on the current month’s page for easy reference.

2. Use them as… a bookmark. DUH.

3. Create fridge magnets. Glue a generic magnet to the back, then use these magnetic bookmarks as holders for photos, invitations, and other VIPs that hang on your fridge. (Psst: our binder clips would be CLUTCH here too ;)

4. Group business cards in your wallet. Chances are you stow a handful of these in your wallet, yeah? Keep them together (and out of the way!) using a magnetic bookmark. Smart, right?

There you go — 16 organization hacks you didn’t know you needed. You’re welcome :)

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Photography: Brittany Griffin