It’s time to come out of the closet, you washi tape hoarders. We know we’re not the only ones, especially not when there are so many amazing ways to DIY with those colorful patterns. For all those washi tape devotees out there, we’ve got 15 ways to use the stylish tape to decorate your house. If you aren’t obsessed with washi tape yet, a quick peek at these fab designs might just change your mind.

1. Temporary Wallpaper: Obviously we had to start with our favorite, most colorful washi tape DIY yet. Behold the renter’s best friend: temporary wallpaper. (via Brit + Co)

2. Kitchen Cabinets: Adding a strip of pattern to your kitchen shelving will make you smile every time you reach in for your cup. (via Vorstellung von Schon)

3. Wall Art: Washi tape isn’t limited to stripes. Using those clean lines to create some patterned wall origami is genius. (via Craftifair)

4. Washi Blinds: Ombre makeshift blinds? Washi tape, now you’re just showing off. (via Shelterness)

5. Washi Calendar: You’ll never miss another birthday or important event with this brightly-colored calendar up on your wall. (via Decoesfera)

6. Patterned Tray: Crafty makers need a space to do their thing and then easily clean up before dinner. This patterned tray definitely does the trick. (via Lovely Little Life)

7. Washi Stairs: Wooden stairs? Washi tape all the way. (via Pascal Anson)

8. Cross-Stitched Tape: Dream up any design and just find the corresponding colors. Then get to stitching… er, taping. (via Brit + Co)

9. Washi Lampshade: Is your old lampshade making you cringe? Grab a couple patterns and give it a new makeover, then show it off day or night. (via HGTV)

10. Striped Wall: Easily brighten up small spaces with all the colors of the rainbow. Yes, all of them. (via Ann Kelle)

11. Antlers: Yes, antlers may be a thing, but what if they aren’t your thing? Get in on the trend with an understated, washi-tape version that says classy but not flashy. (via Decor Hacks)

12. Door Design: If you’re over your plain, flat door, transform it into an art piece with a little tape. (via Crab and Fish)

13. Honeycomb Decal: These are strangely reminiscent of those classic honeycomb mirrors from IKEA. Time to make your wall sparkly glamorous. (via Jade and Fern)

14. Coat Tree: If this isn’t the perfect space saver, we don’t know what is. Get the storage without the bulk. (via Everything Emily)

15. Washi Frames: A little leery of putting holes in your wall? We feel ya. Create gallery walls anyway with patterned washi tape instead. (via Design Sponge)

Do you have a washi tape decor project to share? We’d love to hear all about it below!