On Saturday morning, the world lost a true fashion visionary in New York Times聽fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. In his聽40-year-long聽career, Bill become a force to be reckoned with in the style industry, with his works wielding a major influence聽on聽what we wear and why we wear it.聽He聽knew that true style comes from within,聽and that the best accessory you can rock is confidence. His work was all about championing the person behind their personal style, and for that, he will most definitely be missed.


While his聽playful approach to fashion photography gave us countless sartorial standards, here are聽four that stand out to us above all.

4聽Ways Bill Cunningham Influenced Us

1.聽He invented street-style photography.聽Bill Cunningham always knew that street style was the style that mattered most. 鈥淭he best fashion show is definitely on the street鈥 always has been and it always will be,鈥 he said聽in his must-watch documentary,聽Bill Cunningham New York.聽Can you imagine how boring our Insta feeds would be today without him? *shudder*


2.聽He celebrated eccentricity.As聽the OG of聽street style, Bill was known for his democratic approach to fashion journalism. He took a special interest in subjects who weren鈥檛 afraid to let their freak flag fly, famous or otherwise. His photos proved to the industry聽鈥斅燼nd all of us聽鈥斅爐hat you don鈥檛 have to be a slave to trends to have some seriously buzz-worthy style.

3. He showed us how to rock a signature style.聽There is a difference between getting stuck in a fashion rut and having a signature style, and Bill rocked his signature style like none other. He聽kept it simple, classic and functional with his iconic cobalt blue parka and khaki pants, making him easily distinguishable聽in a sea of photogs. He inspired us all to find our own style groove, as well: Maybe you are all about a summertime romper and cross-body combo, or perhaps a warm weather聽shift and studs are your jam? Either way, go for it. 鈥淔ashion is the armor of everyday life,鈥 according to Bill, so feel free to keep your OOTD on repeat.


4. He brought fashion to the masses.聽From his work with Details magazine in the 鈥60s to his longstanding column for the New York Times, Cunningham鈥檚 photos chronicled the comings and goings of the world鈥檚 most stylish people. 聽His collages gave endless inspo to the world (pre-Pinterest, no less!), and though we will certainly miss his presence, his work will forever live on to聽keep us on our trendsetting toes.

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(Photos via D Dipasupil,聽Cindy Ord + Gareth Cattermole/Getty)