Braided ponytails are having a major moment, y鈥檃ll, and we are all about it (thanks for the inspo, Kerry Washington!). They鈥檙e a perfect hairstyle for the modern-day lazy girl because they鈥檙e simple to style and make you look like you didn鈥檛 just roll out of bed; there鈥檚 a clear element of intentional style to them. While it鈥檚 a bit of a throwback to the 鈥90s, the 2015 versions of a braided pony are even better than the OG styles because they鈥檙e being totally reimagined as 鈥榙os that can be done in *no time* 鈥 five minutes flat, to be more specific. From braids inside braids (yep, it鈥檚 easier than it sounds!) to twisty, rope-like styles that make you do a double-take, we鈥檙e welcoming all versions of the braided pony back into our lives with open arms, especially since they鈥檙e so quick to hack. If that鈥檚 not proof that this style is back in full force, here鈥檚 some more:


1. 3D Chain Link Braided Pony: You may look at this ponybraid and *think* it鈥檚 just a normal braided pony, but after investigating, you realize it鈥檚 so not. This loose, low style adds edge thanks to the thick, rounded 3D look it has going on. The keys to this style are to ensure your sections stay totally separate as you braid and your hair is thick and volumized before you style. Then, you鈥檙e basically ready for any occasion. (via Hair Romance)


2. Ladder Braided Pony: This easy update to the classic braided pony definitely kicks your look up a notch. A more intricate-looking style, the ladder braided pony provides a seriously cool visual with its tiny details. It鈥檚 simpler to achieve than it seems, though, so don鈥檛 be intimidated! Plus, it鈥檚 versatile: You can switch this look up even more and thicken up the small braid, which will make this style much bolder than this dainty version. (via Instructables)


3. Side-Braided Pony: Business on one side, party on the other ;) This is a gorgeous look for when you want to sport a sleek style that鈥檚 fancy enough to wear to a wedding but still casual enough to wear to the office 鈥 a hard balance to find, tbh. If you can French braid, you鈥檒l have this style done in no time; if you can鈥檛 French braid, you should teach yourself how (because if your eight-year-old niece can, so can you!). (via Cosmopolitan)


4. Topsy Tail Drop 鈥淏raided鈥 Pony: Even though this style is technically not a braid, the repeated topsy tail style makes it look like it is, *but better*. This super cute style can be done in a wink and creates a really cool texture on the hair, perfect if you鈥檙e looking for a way to mask greasy strands. You can wear this one loose or tighten it up for a totally different look. (via Brit + Co)


5. Licorice Braided Pony: There鈥檚 nothing better than a hairstyle that is a nod to your fave candy, right? This twisty braid is so pretty, and really does look like licorice twisted up that tight. This style is best for longer hair that doesn鈥檛 have a bunch of layers, otherwise they鈥檒l pop out of the twists, which honestly would look pretty cool too. If you can twist your hair, you can achieve this 鈥榙o. We love this as a side pony too! (via divine caroline)

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