Y’all know we love us some braids. We rock the French, the Dutch, the fishtail, and we even mix them together sometimes. But we’re ready to up the ante. Why wear a three-strand braid when you can rock five strands? Our question exactly. Some nights just demand you go the extra mile. These braided ‘dos let you do just that.

1. Chinese Staircase Braid: Forget staircase, this braid looks like old-timey basket weaving to us. And no matter how hard we stare at it, we can’t figure out how it was done. Luckily, the tutorial clears all of that up. (via The Shine Project)

2. Medieval Braid: Our goal for girls’ night out is to feel as fierce as Khaleesi. This medieval-inspired braid will let us do just that. (via Join the Mood)

3. Mini Braids into Fishtail Braid: It’s braid-ception. No really, there’s a braid, in a braid, in braid. Heck, there’s even two different kinds of braids. (via Brit + Co)

4. Yarn Braids: These tight, ropey braids are basically perfection. (via Poetic Justice Braids)

5. 5 Strand Dutch Braid: Your hair is a celtic knot, and it’s awesome. You might want to enlist an extra pair of hands the first couple times you try this baby. (via Twist Me Pretty)

6. Pull Thru Braid: Even if, try as you might, you can’t master that stubborn fishtail, we promise you can do this one. It looks like a Dutch braid, but all that’s required are some clear elastic ties. (via The Small Things Blog)

7. Braided Faux Hawk: We’re all about rocking runway looks IRL. This look ensures no one’s gonna mess with you. (via Twist Me Pretty)

8. Snake Braid: We’re nutty about the knots in this braid. It’s as simple as a three-strand with way more curb appeal. (via Bobby Glam)

9. DIY Box Braids: As if the innumerable braids weren’t enough, the voluminous top-knot is the icing on the cake of this look. (via Poetic Justice Braids)

10. Tricked Out Side Braid: Even your braids have braids. Just tucking two little braids into one section of this side braid makes it a way cooler look with barely any extra effort. (via Hair Romance)

11. Little Fishtails: Maybe your layers make sustaining a full-length fishtail challenging, but that’s no reason to miss out on the fun. These chunky baby braids are just the ticket. (via Join the Mood)

12. Lateral Messy Braid: Devil-may-care elegance with no skills beyond a three strand. All you have to do is vary the size of your sections. (via Join the Mood)

13. Faux Locks: As cool as we think dreadlocks are, we can never get over the commitment and the fear of ratting up our precious tresses. We love the sleek look of these faux locks. (via Bella Naija)

14. Braided Crown: These thick, overlapping milkmaid braids will turn you into a Dutch princess. All you need now is a bouquet of tulips. (via Nasty Gal Blog)

15. Knotted Side Braid: Here’s another elegant side braid with no braiding required. If you can tie a knot, you can rock this look. We can’t wait to try it with super-textured hair. (via Camille Styles)

16. Combo Braid: If you’re a braiding fiend, this is the look for you. You’ve got an awesome French fishtail in the front, flowing into an oversized Elsa-esque braid for the length. (via The Beauty Department)

17. Elsa Braid: And speaking of Elsa, this giant braid would make the snow queen jealous. The trick? Lots of extensions. (via Barefoot Blonde)

18. Chunky French Fishtail: Channel your inner mermaid with this lovely braid. (via Barefoot Blonde)

19. Carousel Braid: This skinny combo Dutch-lace braid really plays up dimensional highlights and fancies up your standby side braid. (via Twist Me Pretty)

20. String Weaver: Sometimes, your hair just isn’t gonna cut it. For those times, neon string woven into your braid is the perfect thing. (via The Beauty Department)

How do you rock braids on braids on braids? Share your fave tutorials below!