Chances are, there’s been at least one or two (thousand) times that you’ve seen an epic French braid and gotten super excited. That is, until you realized you’d probably never be able to hold your arms up over your head long enough to actually recreate it yourself. Don’t let French braids seem daunting, with the right tutorials, these styles can easily be recreated by anyone and everyone who’s willing to give them a go. Check out these 10 user-friendly French braid how-tos that will help you achieve the ‘dos you’ve been craving, without the headaches.

1. Dutch Side Braid: If you have thick, full hair, then the inside-out braid is for you. Not only does this tutorial provide step-by-step instructions, but it has a picture to go along with each step, too. (via Hair Romance)

2. Crown Braid: Get your long hair off your neck this summer with a look that’s fairly simple. With pictures and written steps, this braid basically has you working from back to front in both directions with a classic French braid. (via Once Wed)

3. Half-Braided Updo: One stop at Claire Ashley’s Ultimakeover YouTube channel, and you’ll be hooked. This tutorial is broken down over almost six minutes, so there’s no rushing going on with this gorgeous look. (via Claire Ashley)

4. French Braid Fringe: These photo instructions teach you how to work stubborn bangs into a French braid. A super perfect solution for days when your bangs just aren’t cooperating, or when you’re trying to grow out your fickle little fringe. (via Bobby Glam)

5. Draped French Braid: Video tutorials like this one are the reason anyone can recreate great hairstyles. Replay it as many times as you want, focusing on different aspects of the ‘do, and you’ll be rocking this half-up style in no time. (via The Shine Project)

6. Celebrity French Braid Bun: Really, who needs to pay upwards of $100 for a salon updo when you can master this beauty at home? If you have trouble doing it on your own, keep the video up and ask a friend to help. (via Claire Ashley)

7. Five Strand Dutch Braid: Step aside, French braids. We are absolutely swooning over the five-strand Dutch braid, and we love that the video shows you how to wear it all the way, or just half-up. (via Twist me Pretty)

8. Relaxed French Braid: Think French braids are always tight and straight? Rethink! This video shows us how to own a more romantic, relaxed look. (via Luxy Hair)

9. The Classic French Braid: Lauren Conrad pretty much has the best hair ever. She breaks down the basic French braid in this video and even throws in a killer tip to achieve a totally bump-free look. (via The Beauty Department)

10. Diagonal Bow Braid: Alright, alright, we know this is slightly ambitious. But hey, if you’ve already got the basics mastered or if you have a friend who’s a pro, why not challenge yourself with this epic bow creation? (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

Which of these French braided hairdos are you ready to test out? What’s your favorite way to style a braid? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.