We all love getting that extra 15 minutes of beauty sleep thanks to lazy-girl-approved hairstyles (topknot, we’re looking at you), and our absolute favorites of the bunch are those that make your hair look great for multiple days. What’s even better is when that multiple-day hairstyle is a contemporary spin on a classic ‘90s ‘do, and it seems like Kerry Washington feels the same. The Scandal star recently rocked a modern version of an old-school hairstyle that she hacked to make her hair look amazing on day two, aka pulled a lazy-girl card, and you’ll definitely want to copy it. We’ll set the scene:


Day One: Kerry Washington recently stepped out in NYC with a high braided ponytail that featured messy volume and a super-thick braid, both of which kept the look feeling very current. Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, Kerry’s hairstylist, explained to US Weekly that the key to this look was the volume at the front and the use of Velcro rollers (Velcro seems to be having a moment with celeb hairstylists) to pull back Kerry’s bangs and the hair at the crown of the head to give her ‘do that slight rocker edge, but also keep it fancy enough to dress up her take on jeans and a tee.


Day Two: The day after Kerry’s epic braided ponytail revival, we noticed Kerry on the red carpet at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival wearing her hair in a thick, wavy ponytail, which we’re hunching is the residual style from her day-one braid. The look was totally different — her hair was looser — but you could see some similarities, like the volume up front and the same high pony placement, we’re guessing to hide any unwanted kinks from her elastic. The bonus of this look is it’s so easy to get if you follow her hair hack: Just undo the braid, throw those rollers back in for bang volume and gather your hair in a high ponytail. You can tease the ponytail if you want added oomph.

Props to Kerry + Takisha for successfully reimagining an old-school hairstyle into a very 2015 ‘do that looks even better the next day. Bookmark this #wokeuplikethis look for your next weekend wedding away, two-day conference or anytime you feel like time just isn’t on your side. Now our minds are racing about how to make other throwback hairstyles cool again and last through the week.

Are you a fan of bringing back the braided pony? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t USWeekly; featured photo via Cindy Ord; photos via Noam Galai/Cindy Ord/Getty)