Every so often, we like to take it upon ourselves to reinvent the ponytail. From adding chain to it to creating a cascading side pony, the possibilities for new ponytails are endless. Here is our latest series of dressed up ponytails from runway-inspired style to just playing around here in the office to see what we can invent. Best of all, you can create each of these styles in under five minutes. For real!

Segmented Ponytail

1. Apply a pea-sized amount of smoothing cream in the palm of your hand. We recommend TIGI Rock My World Smoothing Cream.

2. Rub the cream into your hands for a more even application. Apply to the roots of your hair all along your head making it easy to brush your hair back into a polished high ponytail. Use a fine-toothed comb to smooth out any bumps or fly-aways.

3. Use a thick elastic that matches your hair color to secure the ponytail.

4. Comb through the ponytail to get rid of any excess tangles.

5. Add another small elastic around your ponytail, about three inches down from the base of your pony.

6. Once the elastic is secure, use your fingers to gently loosen the hair in between the two elastics. This creates a sort of pouf look.

7. Continue this until you get towards the ends of the pony.

8. For the last section or two, you may need to back comb the hair to create more volume. This section of hair is typically much finer than the rest of your hair.

9. Lastly, use a mending product like KMS Dry Wax Spray to polish off the hairs at the end of the ponytail.

It’s like a party… in a ponytail!

Knotty Ponytail

1. Pull all of your hair to one side and secure with an elastic.

2. Take two small sections of hair from either side of the hair in your ponytail.

3. Tie those pieces together to create a small knot that is going to cover the elastic that secures the whole ponytail.

4. Pick up two more small strands of hair and add it to the pieces you just knotted.

5. Now tie those pieces into another knot.

6. Continue this process with the top layer of your ponytail until you get to the end of your hair. Then, secure with a small elastic that will blend in with your hair color.

We love how the knotted layer softens the texture of this low side pony.

Three Elastic Ponytail

1. Comb hair back into a tight, smooth mid-height ponytail.

2. Secure with a thick contrasting color elastic. We are loving the white up against Kelly’s bold colorful locks.

3. Reinforce the smooth look by using a product like KMS Dry Wax Spray on the roots of your hair going into the ponytail.

4. Add another one of the same elastics to your ponytail around two inches away from the original elastic.

5. Repeat the last two steps with a third elastic.

This high-fashion look was inspired by cuffed ponytails we’ve been seeing on catwalks everywhere.

How do you reinvent the ponytail? Got any 5-minute hairstyles we should try out? Talk to us in the comments below.