We all live busy lives, and sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in a little stress-busting exercise into your hectic week. While you may not always have time to go out and run a full 10K (or 5K… or 1K), you can probably find at least a few minutes in your schedule to get your sweat on. Enter Erica Stenz, the VP of Community Relations & Fitness Development and an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco, who has provided a workout that can be done in under 10 minutes anywhere and with no equipment.

Stenz says, “This is a great six-minute bodyweight workout to sculpt and shape your legs and butt. The goal of this workout is to build strength through the isolated holds and pulses, and it also builds endurance through the continuous reps. I like to focus on each side of the body for three minutes to really build up lactic acid so you can feel the burn!”

Did we mention that this workout only takes six minutes? That’s basically shorter than the amount of time you spend coming up with the perfect Instagram caption, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving.

1. Reverse Lunge With a Pulse: Step right foot back to hold a lunge. As you step back, bring right knee one inch off the floor, then come up an inch to pulse the lunge. Continue for 30 seconds. Keep going, but take out the pulse and just continue with the reverse lunge (same leg) for 30 seconds.

2. Double Leg Bridge to Single Leg Bridge: Start in reverse table top position, fingers pointing toward your feet. Squeeze hips and raise them to the sky (so that your belly is flat with your spine). Keeping all the weight in your heels, pulse hips to the sky to squeeze glutes. Then pick up your right leg to keep all the weight in your left heel for a single leg bridge pulse. Continue repeating double then single leg for one minute total.

3. Split Stance Pulse to Tap-Ins: Hold reverse lunge, left leg forward and right leg back. Bend and straighten legs up and down an inch to feel the burn in your left glute. Continue for 30 seconds. Tap-ins: Now stay low in lunge position and tap right foot in and out, keeping all the weight in your left heel for 30 seconds.

Repeat the same three minutes on the other leg starting with the reverse lunge, left foot back. Then your bridge will have the left leg come up. Finally, the split stance will have your right foot forward and left leg back, while the left leg taps in and out (with all the weight on the right heel).

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(Photos and GIFs via Brittany Griffin)