Even before it was Halloween, the Christmas season had started.

The Hallmark Channel started unveiling its (very generous) lineup of over 20 original holiday flicks on October 29, and just a few days later, Starbucks鈥 iconic holiday cups arrived. What better marker of the Christmas season is there than red cups?!

It seems like there鈥檚 a debate every year over whether the Christmas season comes too soon, and TBH, we sorta get where grinches people on this side of the argument are coming from. But we prefer to embrace all the good stuff for as long as we can. Here are some of the reasons we鈥檙e TOTALLY here for an extended Christmas season.

We made them red. You made them art. #RedCups 鉂わ笍

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1. RED CUPS.GTFO, green cup! Look 鈥 we鈥檙e only human. And humans should get a Sbux holiday bev (Caramel Brul茅e Latte, stand up!) or two throughout the season just to wrap your festive little paws around that comforting cup. Now if only the prices would stay put

2. Decorations are sooo cozy.White fairy聽lights, scented candles, a sparkly tree 鈥 we love it all, and we鈥檇 keep it up all year if we could. Of course, only getting it for a certain amout of time is what makes it so special, so we鈥檒l take the couple extra weeks at the start, please!

3. It feels good to think of others. Making gifts and food and shopping for that special gift for loved ones in your life is the BEST BEST BEST part of Christmas. If an extended season means even more time for all of this, we are IN. It鈥檚 also a great time to donate, if you鈥檙e able 鈥 whether giving gifts to a children鈥檚 charity, contributing to a food bank or lending your time to volunteering for an org in need, now鈥檚 the time to exercise all that extra Christmas energy.

4. Being organized helps reduce cruch-time stress. What better use of a long lead time than to get ahead of the game? Though there鈥檚 a certain, sick fun to the mad mall dash come Christmas Eve, what鈥檚 even BETTER is kicking your feet up with a cup of spiked nog in your cozy space and just taking in the festive warmth of the season.

5. More parties! Everyone鈥檚 in a great mood and ready to celebrate, the drinks and food are crazy tasty and that adorable new dress you got looks amazing with your Christmas red lipstick. We鈥檙e getting warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

6. Hibernation time! On the flip side, once the parties are done and the obligations subside, the holidays are a perfect time to enjoy quiet time at home getting some MUCH needed r&r. You earned it.

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