There were some seriously swoon-worthy makeup moments at BeautyCon LA, from Kandee Johnson鈥檚 killer cat eye to Mr. Kate鈥檚 silver face freckle tats (temporary, of course!) to Zendaya鈥檚 on-fleek eyebrows. But what really grabbed our attention at the conference for all things beauty was the hair.

Bloggers, YouTube stars and other mega influencers stepped onto the pink carpet (!!!) with the kind of Insta-ready locks you鈥檇 expect from always-on-camera pros. So, we couldn鈥檛 help but pick their brains about exactly what they put in those covetable strands. Scroll through to get the scoop on these blogger-approved hair products.

Bethany Mota


Must-Have Hair Product: I love using the Drybar Texas Tea Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner ($85) because it makes my hair so smooth and it is really gentle on my hair. (Photo via @bethanynoelm)



Must-Have Hair Product: It鈥檚 A 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Leave-in Silk Conditioner ($22) is a leave-in conditioner and makes your hair so soft. I usually put it on right when I鈥檓 done with the shower and just spray it in 鈥 since it鈥檚 a spray, it鈥檚 so easy! (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

Bailee Madison


Must-Have Hair Product: I love the Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray ($23). It鈥檚 really great for summer. I use it every day when I don鈥檛 want to do anything. So I just get out of bed, spray it on and kind of texturize it and you get salty waves. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

Andrea鈥檚 Choice

Must-Have Hair Product: My overnight curlers. I use them all the time (I do heatless styles all the time). I just made a video about it. It shows the three styles that I do all the time.



Must-Have Hair Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo ($7). It鈥檚 great. I don鈥檛 do much to my hair. I usually wear my hair natural and I don鈥檛 wash it that much. I don鈥檛 know if that鈥檚 gross, but it鈥檚 good to not wash your hair often. And it definitely helps with the dye. And purple shampoo! If you have blonde hair and want to get rid of the brassy tones, try Shimmer Lights. (Photo via @madisenrosebeauty1)



Must-Have Hair Product:Trader Joe鈥檚 Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner ($10). It鈥檚 inexpensive and it detangles really well. I have super curly hair and it just needs something that鈥檚 gonna get in there, and I need to use a lot of it so it鈥檚 great that it鈥檚 inexpensive. (Photo via @naptural85)

Mr. Kate


Must-Have Hair Product: Orbie Smooth Style Serum ($49). I have naturally curly hair, and it takes the frizz out of your hair but it鈥檚 not super gunky. (Photo via @mrkatedotcom)

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