You know the big food cities in the country, such as New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, but did you know that just across the Canadian border lies not only Drake’s hometown, but one of the most ethnically diverse foodie towns on the planet?

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario and the most populated city in all of Canada (sadly, not on Kate and William’s Canada tour this time around), is less than two hours driving from Buffalo, New York and has direct flights from around the world landing at its two airports daily. But the real draw here is the diversity in both the people and the food — populations from Sri Lanka to Poland to Latin America are represented, and there’s a Little India as well as six Chinatowns. Hungry yet? Here are seven things you should eat in Toronto’s global food scene.

1. The Carrot Dog at Planta: If you’re looking for something veggie-forward in the tiny Yorkville neighborhood, you must try Planta’s carrot dog. A large, beautifully roasted carrot sits on a bed of sauerkraut and mustard, and it’s about 100,000 times better for you than a regular hot dog (and still tasty!).

2. The Gimmick at P.G. Cluck’s: Hot chicken isn’t only in Nashville, Tennessee. The Gimmick is on the “secret” menu, but if you ask for it, know you’re going to get an indulgent honey fried jalapeno chicken between two cruller donuts. This is not a drill.

3. The Sushi Burritofrom Fish’d by Edo: Sushi burritos and poke (rare, marinated ahi tuna) are super popular in the US, and the same holds true for our Canadian counterparts. Edo was the first to introduce them to Toronto and should be on your hit list if you’re in town.

4. Brunch at Maha’s: Egyptian for brunch? Why not! This family of Egyptian immigrants opened their restaurant in 2014 and have been serving up one of the best brunches in the city ever since. Try the Cairo classic, a typical Egyptian breakfast made up of fava beans, falafel, feta, tomatoes and more.

5. DuckPoutine Pizza at Bannock: Canadians love their duck! It’s the perfect fatty meat to complement poutine (cheese curds, French fries and a rich gravy). Then they gild the proverbial lily by putting it all on a pizza. Good luck trying to finish that thing!

6. Smoked Duck Pancakes at Barque: Smoked meats are huge in neighboring province Quebec, and Toronto’s Barque smokehouse takes theirs seriously too. The brunch menu will have your mouth watering and your arm reaching to take a pic with your phone — think breakfast poutine, brisket Benedict and the smoked-duck pancakes, served with blueberry compote and whipped goat cheese. #Stuffed

7. Gourmet Milkshakes at Peace Treats: Inside a cool clothing store is Peace Treats, a total sweets indulgence shrine to sugar. Gourmet milkshakes are their specialty, and these are definitely ones you don’t want to tell your dentist about. With names like “D.R.E.A.M — Donuts Rule Everything Around Me” and “Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday,” Peace Treats is a must-stop for anyone who has ever loved sugar.

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