Labor Day is the ultimate #treatyoself weekend. Work is officially called off on Monday, meaning a three-day weekend is in sight and ripe for celebrating to the fullest. And sure, you could take an epic road trip with the girls or a long weekend away with your babe, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate in your city and with yourself. For some, it could be crushing a YouTube workout that you can do outside, and for others, it could mean indulging in a cheesy pasta dish totally guilt-free. So we rounded up seven awesome activities to help you totally zen out this weekend (and maybe help zen out a few other days of the year too!).


1. Take an incredibly relaxing art class. Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona is known for an incredible selection of spa treatments that would be perfect for Labor Day. But to really find your zen, try one of their therapeutic art classes. Miraval’s art therapist shares the benefits of adult coloring by offering intricate coloring worksheets in their Brave Bill Lounge and throughout the resort. Coloring has become a popular form of art therapy and a tool in relieving stress and embracing your creativity. (Photo via Miraval Resort & Spa)


2. Try forest bathing. There’s no better place to begin a practice of being truly “present” than the magnificent natural setting of Mohonk Mountain House in Hudson Valley, NY. Set in the Shawangunk Mountains, the hotel offers “Forest Bathing,” in which guests are fully immersed in nature to reap the mental and physical benefits of simply being outdoors. This mindfulness practice lets guests focus on their senses and allows nature to “bathe” them, taking away stress and restoring their well-being. (Photo via Mohonk Mountain House)

wildest dreams

3. Enjoy a better glass of vino. Honestly, it would be okay if every Monday ended with a glass of wine, but today, take your choice up a notch and celebrate with Wildest Dreams, a white blend collaboration between Winc and designlovefest. The fruity, crisp 50/50 blend is perfect for toasting goodbye to these hot summer nights and will only set you back a cool $13. (Photo via designlovefest)

4. Break a mindful sweat. It *might* seem a little hypocritical to work out on a weekend designed for relaxation, but that’s not the case when breaking a sweat is done through a super calm, super restorative yoga class. If you’re in Vegas, sign up for the beginner’s class at TruFusion, where you’ll learn the basics of form and breathing and might just pick up a new hobby to help you relax more than one day a year.


5. Start your day with truly great coffee. Today, enjoy your joe from the comforts of home by picking up a high-quality, ready-to-drink cold brew from your local grocer. Pick up any one of High Brew Coffee’s five flavors, or check out Califia Farms’ new Nitro Coffee for a funky, bubbly take on traditional cold brew. (Photo via High Brew Coffee)


6. Learn how to make jam: Relaxing doesn’t have to mean hanging out on the couch all day and binge watching Netflix (although, that sounds great too). Sign up for our online jam-making class and pick up a new, delicious skill in under 30 minutes. It’s super easy (read: stress-free) and only requires a few ingredients. Your breakfast tomorrow will thank you.

Shot of a beautiful young woman getting a head massage at a spa

7. Hit up the spa: C’mon, it’s a three-day weekend; you didn’t think we would leave the spa off the list, did you? Head to your local spa and treat yourself… to anything. Maybe it’s finally time to try out cupping! Hey, if it relaxes Olympians, it’ll likely work for you. (Photo via Getty)

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