At Brit & Co., we're all about finding innovative, inventive, and playful gadgets that make life a little more fun and creative. Today's dose of innovation comes in the form of a purse… that doubles as a wine cask.

Remember college nights spent drinking Franzia un-boxed out of your purse? You'd carry around that weird plastic bag and offer it to friends at various parties and sporting events? As questionable as it was to carry around what is often referred to as a "wine bladder," it was ridiculously convenient. Now, thanks to Scandinavian design house Menu, all your dreams of reviving your love of boxed wine on-the-go can totally come true.

The Baggy Winecoat ($63 on Amazon) transforms your boxed wine into a stylish on-the-go wine cask. Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the winecoat, and close the flexible top. The bottom is made of rubber that adds structure and weight to the bag, ensuring it doesn't tip over on the dinner table or on the lawn. Extra compartments make it easy to carry your essentials (phone, keys, wallet), and there's even extra room for an ice pack if you're of the white wine or bubbly persuasion.

In addition to a handle, the winecoat comes with a hook so you can hang it in your kitchen as a simple wine dispenser.

And if a box of wine in a bag isn't your jam, check out our other favorite wine find: the Zebag!

How do you get your wine on? Know of any gadgets that make carrying your favorite cab, pinot, or chardonnay that much easier? Leave us a note in the comments below or send cool product links our way on Twitter.