I don鈥檛 know about you, but I was a sticker collector as a kid. I had an album filled with all types, including scratch 鈥榥鈥 sniff, iridescents and the fuzzy ones to boot. I know I wasn鈥檛 (and am still not) alone in my childhood love for stickers. As an adult, I continue to get excited about them 鈥 after all, they are almost like emojis you can stick on real things! Which is why today I鈥檓 thrilled to share some printable stickers with you. All you need is a color printer, some sticker sheets and a pair of scissors.

What should you do with your stickers? They鈥檙e the perfect badges to pop into our new line of customizable planners on sale only at Target! Yeah that鈥檚 right! We鈥檝e got a sweet collection for you, including eight agenda spirals and binders, plus dozens of sweet accessories like sticky notes, patches, pocket folders, magnetic inserts, and more stickers :) The entire assortment is in nearly all Target stores nationwide as well as online at Target.com.

And now for the printables. Drumroll please鈥

This sheet has got you covered. You can add donuts to your agenda if it鈥檚 a donut-kind-of day or add a birthday reminder to your calendar so you don鈥檛 forget to give your gal pal a shoutout on her special day. Click here for the download.

These stickers are great for tracking the weather or sharing your feels, and best of all, we鈥檝e got an emergency contact info sticker because: safety first! Click here for the download.

That鈥檚 it, folks. Enjoy your stickers!

Will you be picking up Brit + Co Planners during your next Target run? Let us know on Twitter at @britandco. Show off your personalized planner using the hashtag #BritxTargetacross your social media channels!

Author: Roxy Taghavian

Designer: Marisa Kumtong