Want to feel like a kid again? Nothing takes you back to the good ol’ days like kid-friendly eats. Though nostalgic ’90s-style throwback cakes are pretty freakin’ awesome, sometimes you want something a little lighter. No, we’re not talking about cereal-inspired cupcakes — we’re talking about snacks. From sweet to salty and everything in between, these 13 cute little treats will tide you over between meals… just like Pop Tarts used to do.


1. Bunny Chocolate Cake: Grab a slice of this cute little guy next time you’re feeling peckish. He’s super easy to make too — all you need are the right colors of frosting, some creativity and a few sprinkles. (via La Tartine Gourmand)


2. Celery Snails and Caterpillars: You’ve heard of ants on a log, but these adorable little snacks take celery art to the next level. Grapes, cucumber slices, apple wedges, kiwis, blueberries and tomatoes line the caterpillar’s backs, with nuts and tomatoes standing in for heads. Candy eyes, of course, are the icing on the cake. (via Women’s Day)


3. Peanut Butter Bear: For a boost of energy and creativity, make this little guy. He’s full of whole grains, protein and fruit, making for a totally nutritious snack. See? You’re adulting! (via Lauren Conrad)


4. Sledding Penguins Frozen Bananas: Cut a banana in half, drizzle it with some edible chocolate, and pop on some M&Ms and candy eyes to make these sweet treats. Pro tip: Cut the M&Ms in half to make it easier for them to stand up on the banana. (via The Reading Confetti)


5. Dinosaur Bento Box: Okay, so this is maybe a *little* more like a meal than a snack, but it’s full of cute things everywhere you look. From the speckled “dinosaur egg” to the ridge-shaped salami slices, we can’t imagine that any dinosaur enthusiast would turn down this well-crafted bento meal. (via Wendolonia)


6. DIY Brunch Macarons: Design some tiny macarons into images of waffles, oranges, donuts and fried eggs. You won’t actually be eating brunch, but who’s going to know? Lazy girl tip: Just pick up some macarons from a local store to save yourself the time and energy of making them from scratch. (via Sugar & Cloth)


7. Hatching Deviled Egg Chicks: To make these cute little chicks, you’ll need to pipe deviled eggs on top of a few hardboiled egg yolks, and then dot with eyes and a mouth. Bonus points if you add the webbed carrot feet. (via SheKnows)


8. Cat Cake: This Japanese-inspired cat cake is decorated with soba noodles and marzipan. He’d be a MAJOR crowd-pleaser at any kind of gathering, but we can also totally get behind hogging him for yourself. (via my name is yeh)


9. Cookie Face Snack: A little Nutella or peanut butter, a few crackers, some apple slices, peanuts and some mini chocolate chips are all you need to make these snackable crackers. They’re not terribly unhealthy either, as long as you don’t devour 10 at a time (not that we’d judge you if you did). (via 100 Layer Cake)


10. Clementine Snail: This one is super-simple and requires only your creative chops… well, and a Sharpie. Peel an orange or clementine most of the way, leaving a sliver of peel in the shape of a snail. Dot some eyes and a mouth and VOILA! (Design Dazzle)


11. Apple Sandwiches: For a lower-carb, vegan and gluten-free version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, try out these simple little apple snacks. The raisins provide plenty of sweetness, while the oats and peanut butter add some protein. (via Oh She Glows)


12. Monkey Back-to-School Bento Box: This bento box is inspired by jungle living. A banana, some banana-shaped cookies and pretzels all complement the main attraction, which is a monkey-shaped sammie complete with eyes, nostrils, big ears and a mouth. (via Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons)


13. Milk n’ Cookies Cookies: Feast your eyes on these milk-and-cookies inspired treats. A milk jug, cookies and ice cream sweets — all with sweet little smiles, of course — are the stars of this super-cute spread. (Hello Naomi)

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