What do you get when you combine Pinterest-worthy desserts with ’90s style? Some *seriously* awesome desserts, that’s what! Lisa Frank donuts aside, there are SO MANY ways you can recreate your childhood through scrumptious desserts that are both totally yummy and ridiculously cute. Even if you’re not up for the challenge of actually making one of these, you can at least feast your eyes on the wild shapes and outrageously colorful designs that people have come up with. These 12 ’90s-inspired cakes are sure to bring out your inner kid:


1. DIY Giant Pop Tart Cake: It LOOKS like a Pop Tart. It TASTES like a Pop Tart. But it’s actually a cake. Plus it’s super simple to make — just sandwich some jam in between two vanilla sheet cakes, and decorate. (via Studio DIY)


2. Lucky Charmed Cake: It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Lucky Charms line the surface of a buttercream-frosted cake, making for the perfect ’90s-inspired treat. Bonus tip: Little kids will actually enjoy helping you with the first step — separating the marshmallow charms from the oats! (via Alana Jones-Mann)


3. Lisa Frank Zebra Cakes: You know we’re suckers for Lisa Frank’s colorful, unicorn-inspired creations, and these gorgeous cakes are right up our alley. PRO TIP: To make the colorful swirl patterns, simply separate your cake batter into separate bowls before adding the various food dyes. (via Studio DIY)


4. Strawberry Pop Tart Cake: If you love Pop Tarts, how can you NOT make this for your next birthday or dinner party? This beautiful cake is decorated with the real deal: Strawberry Pop Tarts themselves! (via Cookies & Cups)


5. Giant Frosted Circus Animal Cake: There’s no way you can resist this *completely* jaw-dropping creation if you spent any time at all munching on Circus Animal cookies. As a bonus, an elephant-shaped template will make the execution easy-peasy. (via Aww, Sam)


6. Fruit Slice Cakes: How good do these look? Though they may seem intricate, they’re actually quite simple to make. You can choose from kiwi, citrus, dragonfruit or watermelon designs. (via Studio DIY)

sprinklebakes sprinkle bakes giant ice cream sandwich 1a

7. Giant Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwich: This creation gives a whole new meaning to the term “ice cream cake.” In fact, it’s a gigantic ice cream sandwich. Spoiler alert: The cookies that make up either side of the sandwich are actually made with super-thick cake batter. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


8. Cosmic Brownie Cake: Calling all cosmic brownie lovers! Cornstarch gives this rich, decadent cake the consistency that cosmic brownies are known for. This will transport any ’90s kid right back to lunchtime. (via The Ruby Kitchen)


9. Donut Birthday Cake: Any Simpsons fans in the house? Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you’ll definitely love this super-cute donut cake. All you need to make this are two round sheet cakes, some frosting, colorful sprinkles and a knife for cutting it into its characteristic round shape. (via Stripey Mooka)


10. DIY Flamingo Pool Float Cake: Instead of pics of pool floats, why not post a pic of this INSANE cake on your Insta page? A fair warning though: You will need an extremely large donut pan. (via Aww, Sam)


11. Giant Ice Cream Cake: For even more sweet inspiration, check out this incredible ice cream cone of a cake. It’s made in the shape of a sugar cone, topped with “strawberry ice cream” and cherries and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. (via Cakes Decor)


12. Circus Cookie Birthday Cake: Circus Animal Cookie lovers will adore this chocolate cake, which is encircled with pink-and-white circus animal cookies and topped with sprinkles. PRO TIP: Use room-temperature eggs — they’ll whip up to a frothier texture, trapping air inside of them. This will make your cake’s texture even more moist and delicate! (via The Sweet Lulu Blog)

We’ve got lots more ’90s-inspired recipes and designs on our Pinterest page!