Maybe it’s because you spent the formative years of your life staring up at one, maybe it’s the gentle way it spins in the corner of your room or, hey, maybe you just like some interesting design elements. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying, mobiles have got some serious appeal. And while most of us will never come close to owning one of Alexander Calder’s beauts, there are still lots of dangling baubles out there waiting to snuggle into a corner of your room. Ready to see what’s up? Look to the sky and set your eyes on the prize.

1. Electric Love (call for pricing): Please tell us you’re as obsessed with these as we are. You are, right? You totally are.

2. Wallter Palm ($90): What’s awesome about this mobile is that you get to put it together yourself, meaning it’s yours to make your own. You can jumble up the pieces and hang things in whatever order and proximity you please.

3. Sturdy Drops ($25): This is Melly Fong’s interpretation of a hanging mobile, dreamcatcher and wind chime all rolled into one. She uses a twig, hemp string and beaded origami leaves and promises that, when the wind blows, you’ll actually hear the sound of leaves rustling in the trees. This is a big deal for apartment dwellers living in concrete jungles.

4. Dreamcatcher Mobile ($40): This baby wasn’t inspired by a dreamcatcher. It is a dreamcatcher. Sweet dreams, y’all.

5. Mobile One: Does anyone else suddenly feel like making a very pretty solar system? (via Mackapar)

6. Eames Inspired: Prompted by Ray and Charles’s dot pattern, this is one DIY that all you mid-century enthusiasts are going to want to get on ASAP. (via Facing North with Gracia)

7. Balls: What’s really doing it for us is the color combo here. (via At Swim Two Birds)

8. Artecnica ($44): Alright, you guys. It’s that time of the day when we learn something new. This mobile is a dodecahedron. A dodecawhat?!?! Apparently, that’s a 12-sided geometric shape. And now you know.

9. Polka Dot Modern ($75): Okay, we’re totally into this mobile, but can we also talk about that vase/bowl thingy? Want.

10. Himmeli No. 7: If we’ve mentioned the Himmeli collection before, we apologize. On second thought, no we don’t.

11. Crocheted Mobile: Crocheting might seem a little old timey for you, but the results are very Free People. And that’s something we’re willing to kick it old school for. (via Wren Handmade)

12. Pastel Geometrics: Will someone explain to us what Scandinavians have in their blood that we don’t have in ours that makes them such pros at finding and making beautiful things? (via Fridas Fina)

13. Peach Fringe on Driftwood ($50): How pretty is this little looker? If you’ve got extra time on your hands and some gumption, we can’t help but think you could hack your own.

14. Antler + Co. ($110): Got a Polaroid camera? Got mini binder clips? How about wire? Oh, and then there’s that last bit, an antler. You might have to have a home on the range to source that.

15. Minimalist: Want… no… need. (via The Post Social)

16. Ombre Tassels: By this point in our relationship, it just feels ridiculously repetitive telling you how we love all things ombre and tassels. That’s why we won’t say it again. No way. No how. (via The Life Creative)

17. Yarn Ball: The amount of color popping out of this seating area is over the top in the best way possible. If you’re interested in making your own yarn-ball mobile, you can follow this Brit + Co. lantern tutorial. (via Inspired by This)

What would you like spinning around your head? Tell us what’s up in the comments below.