Antlers, skulls, furry beasts of the wild on your wall – in case you haven’t herd, taxidermy is trending in a big-game way. But before you start dressing head to toe in buffalo plaid, grabbing your musket, and going all Jeremiah Johnson all over mother nature’s ass, let’s have a chat. We’ve stuffed this post full of animal-friendly finds to get the look without anyone having to put a finger on a furry-faced little critter.

1. Faux Antlers: Before, we thought things could either be hip or adorable, but never both. Then, we saw this, and we had to rethink everything we ever thought we knew. (via Alissa Burke)

2. LEGO Kit ($28): We know lots of you are going to disagree with us, but we don’t care. We’re saying it anyway. We totally prefer this to making drones and robots.

3. Quick Kitsch Makeover: We can’t bring ourselves to show you what this piece looked liked before its brilliant makeover. You just have to click over to see what this little lovely started as. FRIGHTENING. (via Just Something I Made)

4. Goldie The Wall Hanging Ram ($70): There’s lots to like about this sheep thrill. It was made by a husband and wife team (our favorite!), no animal was harmed in its making, and if you’re an Aries, you obviously need it hanging in your room.

5. Paper Rabbit Kit ($40): Chloe Fleury made a kit that allows you to have a cubic little rabbit on your wall. And no scissors or glue are necessary to do it.

6. Painted Antler ($89): One merry morning, Cassandra Smith decided to paint geometric designs on antlers. The results are totally gorgy, so much so that it’s turned into a full-time business for her. Oh, and don’t feel bad for the bucks of the world. She only uses shed antlers, which means they’re 100% cruelty free.

7. Vintage Inspired Posters ($70): If having something protruding from your wall is just a little much for you, take the a scientific approach with prints bookend with two pieces of rustic wood.

8. Gold T-Rex ($125): Just don’t let Little Foot know you bought this. He will totally freak out.

9. Pop Fizz Clink: We’re not sure what antlers have to do with drinking, but we’re game (pun definitely intended). (via The Ultimate Little Miss)

10. Paper Sculpture: Does anyone else suddenly feel like watching Labyrinth? (via Tail of Wood)

11. Human Taxidermy: A little bit scary and a whole lot awesome, we know Halloween is a ways off, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning now. (via Look Book)

12. Domestic Trophies: We’ve talked about Rachel Denny’s knitted works before, and we’re talking about them again… because, I mean, just look at them. (via Rachel Denny)

13. King of the Jungle ($30): He just can’t wait to be king… of your living room.

14. Cardboard Taxidermy ($30): Laser cutters are getting in on the rustic fun too. Obviously, we approve.

15. Walrus Bust ($1,250): It’s amazing what price grocery store bags and a few hundred staples will fetch these days.

16. Savannah Story Bust ($68): If you’re not quite ready to swing that kind of cash for the walrus, Anthropologie comes right back at you with a more affordable and equally awesome version.

17. Washi Tape: It kind of goes without saying that we’re all about this washi-tape variety. (via Occasional Vanity)

18. Frederique Morrel Tapestry Taxidermy: This is the actual Parisian apartment where the husband and wife team behind Frederique Morrel live. Awe doesn’t even begin to describe what we’re feeling right now. (via Corner Story)

19. Wedding Guest Book: That’s right, you’re about to ask your prissy aunt Winnie to sign a vintage cow skull as a keepsake from your wedding day. Charmed, we’re sure. (via A Beautiful Mess)

20. Bicycle Hanger: And then there’s a whole ‘nother type of beast that you wrestle with and conquer on your daily commute. (via Inner Design)

21. T-Rex ($89): Please say that you have a ridiculously gullible friend who will believe this is a real t-rex head that you stole from a museum.

22. Horn Is Where The Heart Is ($15): Keys, necklaces, small clutches, these horny little bastards are willing to hold it all for you.

23. Seafoam Elephant ($105): Duh, you need it.

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