American Girl is making admirable strides towards playtime inclusion and doll-line diversity with the news of the newest addition to the wildly popular toys. Welcome to the girl group Melody Ellison, a nine-year-old girl who loves to sing. But what makes her truly remarkable is that the Detroit-born gal is not only African-American, she鈥檚 also a Civil Rights activist which is basically beyond amazing.

american girl

That鈥檚 right! Little Melody is from 1960鈥檚 Detroit where, according to company鈥檚 website, she grew up among, 鈥済reat energy, optimism, and change for the African-American community鈥 and with her tiny pin proclaiming, 鈥淓qual Rights in 鈥63鈥 she wants to use her voice to help change the world. All we can say is, go, Melody, go!

But don鈥檛 think that Miss Melody is some flippant attempt at inclusion. Every aspect of the newest American Girl, from her backstory to her hair texture to her political leaning, was created with the advice of a six-panel advisory board made up of historians, educators and the late Civil Rights activist Julian Bond.

She won鈥檛 come cheap though, with the doll and accompanying paperback book selling for a cool $150. Worth it? We have to go with, (if you can afford it) absolutely!

Find out more about Melody Ellison in her very own introductory video below.

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(h/t The Detroit News; photo via American Girl)