16 Best Friend Tattoos to Show Off Your Squad Love

She’s the Selena to your Taylor, the Gigi to your Kendall. That’s right, we’re talking about your right-hand lady, your ride-or-die chick — your BFF. While spring may have many of us caught up in wedding planning, let’s not forget the real union that’s seen you through thick and thin. And what better way to truly say forever than some fresh ink? For the daring duo not afraid to show their bestie love, scroll through these 16 BFF tattoos, and find the perfect inspo for celebrating a beautiful friendship.

1. Sun and Moon: Besties can be as different as night and day. Commemorate a solid opposites-attract sort of friendship with these sun and moon tattoos. (via @teesh_shanae)

2. Twin Blossoms: A matching set! Share a sweet floral tatt with your kindred spirit with these pretty peach blossom tattoos. (via @soltattoo)

3. Anchor and Wheel: You anchor, I’ll steer. If you’re one of a pair of best friends who complete each other, show your balanced bond with these wheel and anchor tattoos. (via @nekotattooartstudio)

4. Li’l Elephant: An elephant never forgets. For a friendship you’ll always remember, sport this cute little elephant tat. (via @nekotattooartstudio)

5. Tiny Tat: Take a page from Kendall and Kylie, and opt for an itty-bitty tattoo. Get tiny tats on the same spot to display your love on the DL. (via @soltattoo)

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Tiny Tattoos 10|12

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6. You’ve Got Mail: Proof that your friendship is not only good on paper. If your friendship has survived time and space, through separate schools and area codes, commemorate a lasting relationship with this sweet pen pal tat. (via @mrtott)

7. To Saturn andBack:In honor of friendship that’s out of this world, rock these mini finger tattoos to symbolize you and your bestie’s amazing journey together. (via @rosalitaeva)

8. Floral Watercolors: Matchy-matchy is overrated. For two creative soul sisters, opt for these pretty little watercolor tattoos. (via @soltattoo)

9. Two Hearts: As an ode to the chica who’s always in your heart, wear these bitty tattoos proudly. This tat is perfect for the duo who’s not afraid to show their love. (via @lizeyanne)

10. Friendship Bracelet: Forget your typical woven bracelet. Kick your friendship bracelet game up a notch with these sweet and simple wrist tattoos. (via @nekotattoartstudio)

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11. Flower Power: This tat is fitting for the Cher to your Dion. Celebrate a friendship that’s been around for decades with this ’90s-inspired floral tattoo. (via @doodle.popo)

12. Arrows: All arrows point back to you! For the bestie you can’t seem to shake (even when you’ve wanted to), these arrows symbolize a union that always seems to come back together. (via @melville16)

13. Stay Gold: “Stay gold, Pony Boy!” This one’s for the literary-inclined BFFs. Rock this The Outsiders-inspired tat, and you’ll be, well, golden. (via @east_ssc)

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14. Peach and Plum: Two sweeties deserve a lifetime of praise. Head to the parlor together for a tat that’s just as sweet as the two of you. (via @krissilalonde)

15. Cheez-Its: If your ultimate snacking buddy is your BFF, show off your food-obsessed friendship with these hilarious Cheez-It tattoos. (via @ashleyesorenson)

16. Dinosaurs: Celebrate a friendship that’s been around since the dawn of time… or at least since kindergarten. Rep your age-old bond with these prehistoric-inspired tattoos. (via @east_ssc)

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