Fans of supermarket vegetarian staple Amy鈥檚 Fine Foods might be surprised to learn that the company has a booming drive-through in Sonoma, California. If you want to test out this 100 percent veggie burger joint for yourself, don鈥檛 worry about booking a plane ticket just yet 鈥 the company has plans to go national with Amy鈥檚 Drive Thru, which would make it the first vegetarian, GMO-free, and gluten-free fast-food restaurant to hit the national takeout market.

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The OG Amy鈥檚 Drive Thru opened close to the company鈥檚 headquarters two years ago, and business is booming, according toFast Company. With their second store set to open in Corte Madera in 2018, the company鈥檚 director of operations, Paul Schiefer, told the mag their end goal is to take the restaurant national. But it won鈥檛 happen immediately.

Fred Scarpulla Jr., the company鈥檚 founder, said that Amy鈥檚 has a homemade feel and that the business is run by his 鈥済o with the gut鈥 attitude and commitment to being the best, if not the cheapest.

鈥淸I] have always felt that there鈥檚 a service piece to our business, and that鈥檚 to serve people who don鈥檛 have other options,鈥 he told FC. The restaurant鈥檚 menu is varied, and it鈥檚 not really that much more expensive than fast food mainstays like McDonald鈥檚 or KFC.

While their plans for expansion are moving slowly, the company is excited about the prospect of rolling out Amy鈥檚 nation-wide and investigating the best ways to get organic food into the mouths of the masses without breaking the bank. Scarpulla told Fast Company they鈥檙e looking at adding small indoor gardens to their chain in order to have hyper local leafy greens on hand at each location. The goal is to help make veggie fare as common as factory-farmed meat.

鈥淲hen you think about drive-throughs, it鈥檚 all so focused on industrial meat, and one quick look at that industry is enough to tell you that it鈥檚 pretty nasty,鈥 Scarpulla told Fast Company. Here鈥檚 hoping Amy鈥檚 can change the fast-food landscape and bring their delicious twist on classic takeout to the masses.

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