Three cheers for the weekend, ladies! After surviving yet another stressful work week, we’re beyond excited to finally relax with some much-deserved chill time. So instead of wasting our precious time planning every last detail of our relaxing weekend, we’ve decided to make life a little easier and use some hot new tech to sort out all of our fun plans. Here are five new apps that’ll take you from a delicious night on the town to a cozy movie night at home.


1. Popcorn: The days of endlessly scrolling through Netflix for something to watch are O-V-E-R. This cool app does all the grunt work for you and handpicks movies for your pleasure based on just about any theme you can think of — from cult classics to summer blockbusters to Tim Burton masterpieces. When you find something that you’d like to watch, simply tap to rent or buy it on iTunes and you’ll be all set for a cozy evening in.

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2. Scimoji: After you finished binge watching the *amazing* Hidden Figures, you’re going to want to download this iMessage app dedicated to celebrating some of the top women scientists and engineers throughout history ASAP. Including girlbosses like Katherine Blodgett and Millie Dresselhaus, this sweet app will surely elevate your texting game.

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3. PhoneSmart: Even though we love everything that our smartphone does for us, there are certain times when we just want to have some gosh darn peace and quiet. This cool Android app helps you better manage your time by limiting the apps that can distract you from important stuff — whether you want to get some shut-eye, concentrate on driving, or just need some distraction-free work time.

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4. Calorie Mama: Despite our best intentions, we haven’t *really* stuck to our New Year’s resolution to start eating healthier. Luckily, that’s all about to change thanks to this sweet new app that makes counting calories as simple as snapping a pic for Instagram. Just take a photo of your food inside the app and Calorie Mama will tell you the calories in your dish through their awesome AI software. Now if only getting our butt to the gym was this easy…

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5. Food Genie: There’s nothing worse than deciding to treat yourself with a night on the town only to spend more than 30 minutes trying to find a trendy place where everyone in your party wants to go. That’s why we’re using this genius app instead. Using your location and Yelp, it will find 20 restaurants near you and randomly place six to put on the Food Genie wheel. Then all you have to do is spin the wheel to find your next fave restaurant. It’s really that simple.

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