Getting in a good workout makes us feel LOADS better, especially when we hit the gym after a long workday. Whether we’re crushing it at a new heart-pumping fitness class or getting our sweat on in our PJs with a free workout app, there are so many benefits to working out… but we can definitely live without the tired and achy muscles. That’s why when we heard of the tension-releasing miracle that is foam rollers, we were immediately obsessed. Here’s an entire week of YouTube foam roller routines to help you stretch, rehab and sweat it out.


1. 20 Minute Full Body Foam Roller Routine: Covering the entire body in less than half an hour, this intense foam roller session is perfect for beginners and definitely doable on a lazy Sunday morning. (via Anita Goa)


2. Foam Rolling Routine: Personal trainers and sisters Liz and Sarah Germain definitely have this “hurts so good” thing down pat. Great for beginners — but with simple tricks to make the routine a tad more difficult for intermediate foam roller enthusiasts — this easy session will have you stretched out and feeling loose in 15 minutes or less. (via Super Sister Fitness)


3. Tone It Up Foam Roller Routine: The gals at Tone It Up swear by foam roller workouts, and it’s not hard to see why. This short and sweet workout covers all the bases for a perfect pre-game or post-workout stretch. (via Tone It Up)


4. Abs Workout With a Foam Roller: Foam rollers aren’t just for recovery… you can actually do a full workout with them too! Mix up your week of foam rolling with this four-exercise abs session. Hey, you might as well get the most out of your fitness investment! (via Runtastic Fitness)


5. Pilates Foam Roller Exercises: Combining basic foam roller stretches with a sweat-inducing workout, this Pilates-focused foam roller routine is perfect for your before-work crunches. (via Jessica Valant Pilates)


6. Full-Length Full-Body Foam Roller Exercises: Once you get over the adorable French Bulldog just chillin’ on Jessica’s yoga mat, you can focus on this kickass 15-minute foam roller routine. Providing in-depth tips and lots of commentary, it’s definitely worth making time for before your Friday-night fun. (via JessicasmithTV)


7. 20 Min Full Body Pilates Foam Roller Workout: While this Aussie fitness guru hasn’t broken 500 subscribers on YouTube yet, her foam roller exercises are definitely worth checking out. Combining toning & strengthening moves for your core, abdominals & back with cheeky balance poses, this routine is one you’ll be drawn to over and over again. (via VanessaB Health TV)

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