Nothing, nowhere and no one is safe: This is the year of the exploding smartphone. Hot off the closing of the Great Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco of 2016 (as we shall henceforth call it), a report of an exploding iPhone 7 is emerging from Australia.


Yes, you read that right. iPhone. Explosion. The incident in question happened when an Australian surfer left his week-old phone in his car underneath a pile of clothes while he was at the beach. When he came back to his car after his surfing lesson, the man found his car ON FIRE and FILLED WITH SMOKE. Eeeek!

Apple is currently investigating the issue, but before you freak out completely, just remember that one single phone fire is not necessarily indicative of a HUGE problem. Lithium batteries are known to fail about one out of 10 million times. And within a span of just a few weeks, nearly 100 Galaxy Note 7 fires had been reported, not just one. Some tech experts blamed the Galaxy Note 7 issue on the fact that, in the race for smaller and thinner smartphones, there isn’t proper room in the device for the battery to breathe.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled on this one and let you know if any more iPhone 7 fires are reported.

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(h/t Fortune; photo via Apple)