It’s time to talk Siri. The world’s favorite (and sassiest!) digital personal assistant has undergone some transformations as of late and we think everybody could benefit from a refresher. For example, did you know that Siri is now available on both your phone AND computer? Once on your computer, Siri has a whole new list of tricks that are pretty cool. But how do you make her your personal personal assistant?

Young woman smiles as she talks on speaker phone

Well, first off, Siri doesn’t have to have a female voice. You can personalize Siri as either a male or female voice and have different accents. So if you were always partial to the ways of Ask Jeeves, you could transform Siri’s voice into that of a British man. Bada bing bada boom, you’ve got a digital butler.

It’s super simple to do. On your phone, go to Settings and tap “Siri.” Find “Siri Voice” and next to it should be “American (Female)” by default. Tap on that to choose between male and female or British, American and Australian voices. The new voice will download with a WiFi connection, and then you’re all set with a personal Siri. To personalize your Mac’s Siri, it’s exactly the same. You can find the “Siri” settings icon in your computer’s “System Preferences.”

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