If your kitchen feels like a zoo, maybe it’s because there are too many cooks around. Or maybe it’s because these animal kitchen tools are stampeding your counters, cabinets, and cookery. Have a wild time with your recipes when you bring these 20 playful animal gadgets to the party.

Fossiliced Ice Trays

1. Fossiliced Ice Trays ($9): Chill your roar-ing good cocktail with these dino-bone shaped ice cubes. It’s a whole new kind of ice age.

Jole Wedgey Egg Slicer

2. Jole Wedgey Egg Slicer ($5): Perfect for making egg salad, this chick will slice and dice your hard-boiled eggs in no time flat, and look pretty cute while doing it.

Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press

3. Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press ($12): Cut the time you have to wait to cook your bacon with this cast iron weight. We’ll take ours extra crispy, please!

Hop Tea It Honey Pot

4. Hop Tea It Honey Pot ($13): You might be used to seeing a honey bear, but this little bunny is the perfect tea-time companion. Simply lift his ears to drizzle honey on your toast or in your tea.

Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife

5. Best Squeak Ever Cheese Knife ($13): What mouse could resist a delicious cheese plate? Certainly not this one, but he’ll only be serving, not nibbling.


6. Cat-ula ($15): For purrrfect pancakes, you won’t need anything other than this fancy, feline spatula.

Gator Grater

7. Gator Grater ($10): Let this gator help you take a bite out of your dinner prep. The teeth on the grater are perfect for shredding cheese on taco night.

Jungle Clips Bag Seals

8. Jungle Clips Bag Seals ($5): Keep your chips fresh with these animal chomping clips. Each set comes complete with a crocodile, pelican, and rhinoceros.

Uni-Corn Corn Holders

9. Uni-Corn Corn Holders ($7): Okay, we had to include mythical animals here, too. Can you blame us? We’ll be eating corn of these unicorns all summer long.

Toucan Can Opener

10. Toucan Can Opener ($15): Use this big-mouthed bird’s beak to help you open your soup, tuna, or tomato sauce.

Piranha Pizza Cutter

11. Pirahna Pizza Cutter ($11): Just like the pirahna on its handle, this pizza wheel has sharp teeth to cut through your pie with ease.

Elephant Dish Brush

12. Elephant Dish Brush ($12): Grab the trunk of this elephant and get going on that sink full of dishes. Hopefully, the bright color and goofy expression on his face will make the chore just a little bit less tedious.

Crocodile Bottle Opener

13. Crocodile Bottle Opener ($12): Croc…er…crack open a cold one with this playful bottle opener.

Nesting Owls Measuring Cups Set

14. Nesting Owls Measuring Cup Set ($24): These ceramic measuring cups are a hoot! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Plus, because the nest together they take up less space in your kitchen cabinet or drawer.

Peppa Bear Seasoning Grinder

15. Peppa Bear Seasoning Grinder ($5): Don’t let your dish get too peppery or not peppery enough, with these bear grinders, your food will be just right.

Penguin Kitchen Timer

16. Penguin Kitchen Timer ($6): Yes, we’ll admit it’s a little creepy that you spin this poor penguin’s head in order to keep time. Maybe that’s why he’s looking at us with such wide eyes.

Owl Corkscrew

17. Owl Corkscrew ($12): Hoo, hoo, who wants a glass of wine? We’ll raise our glasses to this avian opener.

18. Large Panda Frying Pan ($52): What’s better than pancakes served from a smiling panda pan? Nothing as far as we’re concerned.

ManaTea Tea Infuser

19. ManaTea Infuser ($12): Doesn’t this little guy look like he’s enjoying a steam bath in your cup of tea? This infuser is a guaranteed smile at tea time.

Shark Bit Oven Mitt

20. Shark Bite Oven Mitt ($18): We dare you not to hum the Jaws theme each time you take something out of the oven wearing this mitt.

Do you indulge in zany kitchen gadgets? Tell us about them in the comments below!