Last year we served up a bunch of bottle openers that we thought were as quirky as they come, but the world of bottle opening innovation has come a long way in a year, and we’ve unearthed some openers designed just for party animals. Here are 20 more ways to open your beers, sodas, and bottled cocktails.

1. Seahorse ($8): The whimsical look of this opener might make popping open another Corona actually look Pinterest-worthy.

2. Mexican Wrestler ($14): Quit wrestling with a cap that looks like a twist-off.

3. Psshh! ($8): Psshh, of course you’ll have another beer…er, soda?

4. Alligator ($18): See ya later lavender lemon soda.

5. Beer Monster ($9): Beer monster! Grrr! This dude looks straight out of Monsters Inc, though he may have had to drop out of Monsters University.

6. Intoxicase Plus ($45): This case opens your beers and calculates how many drinks you’ve opened… and gives you a warning when you’ve had too many.

7. Reclaimed Driftwood ($25): These gorgeous pieces of driftwood are all totally unique, and will give you serious style points around the campfire.

8. Ampersand ($10): Who doesn’t love an ampersand during happy hour?

9. Wall Bear ($14): Wall openers are a whole different beast, but we couldn’t resist including this ferocious bear.

10. Popsicle ($12): This bottle opener might have just won the summer 2013 bottle opener prize. Yes, there is such a prize.

11. Head of the Game ($18): For the more morbid folks out there who like Halloween spirit all year round, this skull is perfect for your porch.

12. Bottle-Opening Universal Remote ($20): Ready for the ultimate in couch potato-dom? The Clicker is a universal remote and bottle opener in one.

13. Ace of Spades ($13): Love throwing back a few beers while playing a game of poker? This opener will fit right in with your poker crew.

14. Crocodile ($12): One question for you: When is the last time you listened to Crocodile Rock? :)

15. Gold Medal ($8): Who needs a gold medal for swimming when you can have a gold medal for… drinking?!

16. Owl ($8): Hoooo wants another cold one?

17. Cast Iron Mermaid ($16): You’ve likely seen the classic cast iron mermaid opener in a flea market or thrift shop, but we’re loving this range of beachy colors.

18. Corket ($23): It’s a corkscrew and a bottle opener! It’s a corket!

19. Goodly Whale ($24): You can call this bottle opener Ishmael.

20. Cap Zappa ($15): Finally, a bottle opener that launches your caps as it opens them. Watch out!

What’s the coolest bottle opener you’ve ever seen? Share your picks with us in the comments below.