Real talk: How many of you go to yoga just for final resting pose? Sure, we kind of like the burn that comes with chair pose, but there’s nothing like chilling out for 15 minutes at the gym and calling it a workout. If you want to take that idea to the next level, we suggest you give Antigravity Cocooning a try.

WTF is Antigravity Cocooning? Glad you asked. It’s a new class you can take at Crunch Gym that basically combines your obligatory trip to the gym with your love of naps. Think of it as a slightly chiller restorative yoga… with hammocks. This class isn’t so much designed to give you perfect abs, but more as a sort of mid-day chill break or a smooth finish to a more active workout/weight lifting sesh.

Throughout the class, you’ll go through a series of stretches and then move straight on into guided meditation and a power nap. According to Crunch Gym, “Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes.” And honestly, we totally believe it.

You can currently take a cocooning class at select Crunch locations across the country. Check out Crunch’s class locator to see if an afternoon trip to the gym (this is code for nap sesh FYI) is in your near future.

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