Last September, Apple first mentioned their smartwatch to the world at their Fall 2014 announcement event. At the time, CEO Tim Cook had coyly said to a hushed and riveted crowd, “I wish I could say more.” Come the following April, the Apple Watch was unleashed upon the markets starting at $349 per device and selling for as much as $17,000 (or the price of a new car). Now, eight months later and with 12 million units predicted to be sold by year’s end, we’re all curious to know how the Apple Watch has fared with its users.


The folks over at 9to5Mac are conducting a poll of Apple Watch owners on how often they don their smartwatch (go vote if you have a watch!). Though the results aren’t quite in yet, here is where the poll currently stands at the time of publication: Out of a whopping 24,440 people polled, 17,634 of users say they wear their watch every day. That’s over 72 percent. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The results aren’t really that surprising if you stop and think about it. After all, it’s not uncommon for watch-wearers to wear their watches daily, nor is it common for smartphone owners to leave their phones at home on occasion. Given that the Apple Watch is an amalgamation of these two products (plus, fitness tracker!), it makes a lot of sense.

As for the rest of the users, about 15 percent of users say they never wear their expensive as heck timekeeper and about 12.5 percent say they only sport their watch some of the time.

High usage of a product often equates high user satisfaction, which in turn means less buyer’s remorse. Now that’s always a good thing.

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(h/t 9to5Mac, photo via Apple)