The app world has come a long way. So it’s time to ask yourself why you’re spending an arm and a leg on some things you could be getting for nothing! These apps provide skills, training or services that used to be expensive before technology helped bridge the gap. From photo editing tools and style experts to personal trainers and drivers, start swapping your pricey picks for these apps. And how about you pocket that cash for shopping ;)

1. barre3: Barre is an uber popular workout that will quickly drain your bank account if you love it enough to go on a steady basis. This affordable app features workouts that can be done from anywhere, even to your own music. The nutrition tools are an added bonus. ($4.99 on iOS)

2. Light Meter: We all know light meters are super important for pulling off stellar shots, but they’re also expensive, yall! This app gives you the bang without the buck. ($1.99 on iOS)

3. Blynk: No one needs a stylist if they know their way around social media. This app rocks the fashion-meets-tech world by using your style preferences to send you outfits you’ll dig, offering up new looks and trends it’s pretty sure you’ll love. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. VSCO Cam: We love Photoshop as much as the next girl, but to have Photoshop-like tools on your smartphone for free? It doesn’t get better than that. (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Nike Training Club: Download this app and you’ll soon realize how easy it will be to ditch your personal trainer for the new one in your pocket. It houses step-by-step video instruction for countless exercises and routines, and features a community of female athletes to cheer you on along the way. (Free on iOS and Android)

6. TripIt: The only thing better than a vacation is a vacation planned by a travel agent, right? But save your cash for the trip and get this app instead. Just forward your confirmation emails to it and it creates a travel itinerary for you that even Dad would be proud of! (Free on iOS and Android)

7. Uber: It once seemed so glamorous to turn your nose up at a cab for a car you could just call up at the drop of a hat. Now a ride (often cheaper than a cab) is in our pocket at all times. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Party Party: You can’t go wrong with having a photo booth at your party, but sometimes they can make a deep cut into your budget. Opt instead for this photo booth app that not only delivers incredible photos, but GIFs, too! ($0.99 on iOS)

9. Workout Trainer: This app replaces your pricey training sessions with thousands of workouts that are actually led by certified personal trainers. The tutorials range from yoga and HIIT to running and Tabata. (Free on Android and iOS)

What app have you downloaded to help you save $$? Share below!