Anyone else craving a sweet treat to get yourself through this fine final day of the work week? Well grab your phone, fire up that Uber app and start making requests. Because today until 5pm, next to “Taxi,” “uberX,” “uberXL,” “Black Car” and “SUV,” you’ll find those two magical words “Ice Cream.” Just hit that button and an Uber Ice Cream branded car will deliver the ice cold goods to your hands ASAP.

In 144 cities, spanning 38 countries and six continents, Uber is delivering frozen treats to its users in what might be the best and most loved PR ploy in the history of National Ice Cream Day, which is this coming Sunday. (Mark your calendars if you haven’t already, folks.)

We gave it a whirl here in SF. Our chariot arrived as an uberX with an adorable little ice cream sticker on the side. The driver popped the trunk of his red Prius, put on some ice cream gloves and opened a cooler full of drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches. Wait time was around 15 minutes and it set our co-worker back $25 for five cool treats. Prices vary by location, but expect to get some super sweet Uber swag — like sunglasses!

If you want to treat your entire office, it’s going to take some teamwork. Deliveries are limited to 5 servings per request. Our driver confirmed that he’s been crazy busy. He originally had 125 pieces in his cooler and is now left with about 40.

The goods are being delivered thanks to everyone from your favorite local mom-and-pop ice cream shop to mega superstores like Costco (that’s where ours came from!). In LA, they’ve partnered with local street artists to pimp their rides, turning them into one-of-a-kind works of art.

This isn’t Uber’s first awesome special delivery idea. Besides past ice cream exploits, they’ve done things like deliver kittens on National Cat Day, gave away free weddings in honor of Pride and taken your no-longer loved belongings to GoodWill to help you out with spring cleaning. Oh, and then there was that Super Bowl Sunday when they delivered halftime shows in New York, complete with cheerleaders and a six-piece band.

Any guesses as to how much ice cream will be delivered today? Place your bets in the comments below.

(h/t Los Angeles Magazine)