Super savvy fashionistas are always hooked into the latest trends, whether it’s swing dresses, kimonos or accordion skirts. You know what else they can’t resist? The latest social media trends… especially when it comes to fashion apps like Blynk.

Free for iOS and Android, Blynk is a super sexy and highly addictive fashion app similar to Tinder. Basically, Blynk shows you photos of outfits. If you like, you swipe right. Not your style? Swipe left. If you really love a particular piece from an outfit, you drag a star up to favorite it. Drag X’s onto items that you’re just not into. After about 20 swipes, Blynk recommends clothing options based on your likes. Voila! You’ve now got your own personal fashion stylist, right in your pocket.

The style recommendations stay in your profile, or as they call it, “your closet,” and you can refer to them whenever you please. Sounds great, right? Once you’re hooked up, you can follow Facebook friends, verified stylists or just any users who inspires you. You can even upload the outfits you’ve created and show the world that you’re a budding pro stylist, too.

Are you into Blynk? Let us know about your fave fashion apps in the comments below!