Style is a tricky thing. As quickly as crop top sets became the new rompers, they’re not anymore. Fashion is always changing. Thankfully, a fleet of fashionable apps can help you stay connected with what’s hot and hook you up with a direct line to what YOU like to wear. Whether your signature style is t-straps and big bows or ombre and scallops, these 10 fashion apps will put a little personal stylist in your pocket.

1. House Account: If you’re seeking a personal shopping experience, House Account does just that. Browse new arrivals from hundreds of boutiques and specialty stores across the country from your phone. When you have questions, instantly chat with a salesperson and even make purchases. (Free on iOS)

2. WearToday: We cannot stop gushing over this app. Not only does it take photos with a handy self-timer and make them look perfect with fancy filters, it lets you seamlessly share your outfits with the world and see what everyone else is wearing, too. (Free on iOS)

3. Shopbop: We love this app for putting all our favorite designers in the same, simple marketplace. It will alert you to low inventory numbers and sales so you don’t miss out on must-have items. Plus shoppers who log in with Amazon Prime enjoy their Prime shipping privileges. Doesn’t get any better than that. (Free on iOS)

4. Blynk: This app gives a whole new meaning to the term stylist. Follow trends through an endless batch of outfits and swipe right for the ones you love, left for the ones you don’t. After just 20 swipes, the app recommends outfits for you based on what you like. Sounds dreamy to us! (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Keep: Once you find all of your perfect fashion goodies from all of your favorite stores, this app is a must for making the purchase. Keep features a universal cart that lets you buy all the things that you want from any online store in one place. Thank us (or kill us) later. (Free on iOS)

6. Reissued: To every girl who’s lost out on getting that one-of-a-kind vintage piece, this app’s for you. It’s one of our favorite social shopping tools because even though the perfect vintage item is tough to come by, it connects buyers to the collections, storefronts and showrooms of hand-picked sellers who have the goods. (Free on iOS)

7. Pose: Like Reissued, this app lets you snag new and pre-owned pieces in addition to vintage finds. Because you can sell your own items here, you should be able to stay on trend forever and ever. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Flink: Never-ending fashion inspiration is waiting on this app, where a growing community of 700+ fashion blogs lives to provide outfit ideas. The app also gives a constant dose of big brands and hot trends. (Free on iOS)

9. Stylect: Tinder for shoes? Yes, please! This app lets you browse more than 50,000 shoes, and saves the ones you love so you can be notified when they go on sale. Now, if we can just get that notification sent to us via the beautiful Ringly, we’ll be golden. (Free on iOS)

10. Polyvore: We love Polyvore for styling at home, but ever-growing resources on the app make it the ideal place for styling yourself. See pieces and prices all on the same page, and even post them to Pinterest if you want input from your fashionable friends. (Free on iOS and Android)

Do you use a fashion app to keep up with the latest trends? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!