If Trump鈥檚 impending inauguration is filling you with overwhelming anxiety (or you鈥檙e just sick of hearing about it), then art museums across the country want to be your safe haven. They鈥檙e opening their doors and offering free entry this Friday, so if you鈥檇 rather spend your day looking at gorgeous art instead of, well, Trump鈥檚 face, then here are the deets you need to know.

While some institutions are participating in the J20 strike which called for them to close, some are instead conducting their own type of action by throwing their doors wide open. Plenty are even scheduling special programming, including NY鈥檚 Whitney, the Brooklyn Museum and the Rubin Museum.

If you want to delve deep into the political sitch, you can head to The Brooklyn Museum for a marathon reading of the 1935 Langston Hughes poem 鈥淟et America Be America Again.鈥 If you鈥檇 rather drift away from the tensions of the day, the Rubin Museum will be hosting a yoga and meditation session aptly called 鈥淪wear In, Breathe Out.鈥 Though, if you鈥檇 prefer, you can also merely enjoy what the museums have to offer that have NOTHING to do with politics.

If visiting an art museum sounds like something you鈥檇 rather do on inauguration day, check out your local listings or the individual museum鈥檚 website for potential deets.

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(h/t The Cut; photos via Whitney Museum of American Art)