I love hosting over the holiday season. Nothing makes me happier than bringing my friends and family under one roof to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit together. Hosting gives me an excuse to make the house festive and whip up seasonal treats best served with a side of holiday cheer.

I recently shared my favorite holiday hosting DIYs with my friends on Live With Kelly and Ryan. Check out the segment here, then scroll on for a recap of each project!

1. Candle Holder Cake Stands: These dual-purpose cake stands are easy to make. You can use them to display presents as holiday decor or serve food on them at your party. Simply hot-glue a candle holder to the bottom center of a plate and let it dry, and you have an elegant, affordable piece of decor.

2. DIY Ornament Station: Setting up an activity for your holiday party has never been easier with these kid-friendly DIY ornaments. We decorated a mix of clear and opaque ornaments with stickers, paint pens, and faux greenery. These ornaments are great for all ages and serve as a party favor for your guests. Everyone loves a thoughtful memento.

3. Pool Noodle Wreaths:. Dress up your door this holiday season with an unexpected material — pool noodles! To make these wreaths, wrap a pool noodle in a circle, tape together at their meeting point, and decorate. On one of our wreaths, we added a Santa hat and a pom-pom beard. With the other, we used tape to create candy cane stripes, then added ornaments and paper snowflakes. You can decorate yours however you please — get creative with it!

4. Balloon Ornament Garland: This garland is such a fun way to add color and whimsy to your holiday party decor lineup. Recreate this look with balloons, paper cups and string. First, make small holes in paper cups (we used these adorable treat cups). Blow up your balloons and tie an individual string to each balloon. String through each paper cup and tie a knot to secure. Attach all the individual strings to one long one. Hang and enjoy!

5. Sticky Bow Photo Backdrop: Every party needs a photo backdrop; they encourage your guests to capture memories of the party. We made our backdrop by attaching sticky gift bows to a 30”x 40” piece of foam core. You can use hot glue to make sure that the bows stay in place. You can cover the entire board with bows, go with an organic pattern, or make straight lines. The choice is yours!

6. Broccoli Wreath: Trick the kiddos into eating veggies while impressing your guests with this cute broccoli wreath. Line a dip bowl with broccoli heads, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and golden beet stars cut with a cookie cutter. Make the bow out of a red bell pepper and serve with your favorite type of veggie dip.

7. Snowman Cheese Ball: An appetizer that’s as tasty as it is cute, this snowman cheese ball is extra in the best way. Make this cute guy by mixing cream cheese and shredded mozzarella and forming two balls. Stack the cheese balls on top of each other, then secure in place with toothpicks. Create his eyes and buttons with peppercorns and his nose and hat from carrots.

8. Strawberry Santa Hats: Last up on our holiday food lineup are these strawberry cream cheese frosting Santa hats. Whip together 4 ounces cream cheese, ½ cup of whipped topping, and 2 tablespoons of sugar to create the frosting. Cut off the tops of strawberries and add a small layer of frosting to your favorite sandwich cookies. Place the cut strawberries on top, then add a dollop of frosting to the tip to create a Santa hat.

There you have it: eight budget-friendly DIYs for your holiday party. Now go on and host your heart out!

Are you planning on making any of these DIYs for your holiday party? If so, we want to see how they turned out! Share a photo with us on Instagram by tagging @BritandCo.

Production + Styling: Alexa Land + Cassidy Miller

Photography: Brittany Griffin