Juicy deets and eyebrow-raising facts keep on rolling out after this year鈥檚 Oscars, from the 鈥渞idiculous鈥 question Scarlett Johansson was asked on the red-carpet to Leonardo DiCaprio鈥檚 reportedly outrageous quest to get camera-ready. Now, you鈥檒l be totally ticked to find out that Ashley Tisdale was body-shamed to the point of being asked if she鈥檚 pregnant or sick.

Ashley Tisdale

Lucky enough to score a ticket to Elton John鈥檚 Oscar party, the 31-year-old High School Musical alum looked gorgeous in a full-length blue gown while posing for the cameras. For some reason, a few folks felt that Tisdale looked off in one way or another and decided to ask her directly via social media if anything was up. Not only were they willing to criticize her appearance, but they indulged their troll-ish ways by inquiring about the star鈥檚 health and possible pregnant state.

The fact is that if Tisdale was pregnant or sick, asking her as a complete stranger in a social media post is totally not cool. *If* she were pregnant and/or *if* she were sick, it would be the actress鈥 choice to inform fans (or not) whenever or however she chose (or not).

However, Tisdale decided to clear things up with a tweet saying, 鈥淭he pressure to being perfect is a struggle. No [I鈥檓] not pregnant, I鈥檓 just happy and haven鈥檛 been strict on my diet but thanks for the reminder.鈥

Honestly, it doesn鈥檛 sound like she鈥檚 thankful at all. And we doubt you鈥檒l blame her.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; photo via Michael Tullberg/Getty)