He sculpted Adonis (AKA, Michael B. Jordan’s abs), and now he’s going to sculpt you. Corey Calliet, a true artist in the ways of reshaping one’s musculature, was the mastermind behind MBJ’s big ab reveal moments in movies like Creed, Black Panther, and the just-released Creed II.

Naturally, when we spoke with Calliet, we had to know his ab-sculpting secrets for ourselves. Is it possible to create that kind of definition at home, without an A-lister’s personal trainer?

Calliet said that, in fact, with some very simple moves — and the right diet — you can see major results at home. His key to success? Bodyweight. That’s right; no equipment necessary. “You always want to do bodyweight,” said Calliet. “This creates a very sleek and slim silhouette.”

Here are Calliet’s top three moves for getting Creed II abs (or your own personal version!) at home.

1. Reverse Crunches:Hate crunches? Try ’em in reverse. Calliet said this move helps you get into your lower abs. Start on your back, flat on the ground, hands behind your head, feet on the ground (like you’re preparing for a traditional crunch). If you’re more comfortable with your hands flat on the floor or beneath your sacrum, opt for that! Instead of lifting your shoulders upward, you’ll lift your bum off the ground, using your ab strength to get the lift (in lieu of momentum). Be sure to keep your knees at a 90-degree angle.

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2. Knee Taps: This is another simple, straightforward bodyweight move that’ll target those lower abdominal muscles that are so often neglected. Stand up straight and keep your trunk tight and stable. Raise your left knee at a 90-degree angle without hinging at your waist or hips, and tap your knee simultaneously with your right hand. Return your left foot to the ground, and repeat this exercise on the right side, lifting your right knee and tapping it with your left hand. Continue this at a quick pace.

3. V-Ups: In this move, your body will become a V as you fold in half at the waist. Start flat on your back on the ground, arms extended overhead and legs long. Using your ab muscles, pull your legs up to a 45-degree angle off the floor as you simultaneously hinge at the waist, reaching your arms long overhead (think: if someone were looking at you from the side, you’d look like a V shape).

“These moves will target your low abs and obliques, giving a sleek, slim V-shape,” said Calliet. After your workout, he recommends some stretching for a cooldown, like “a scorpion stretch,” or laying flat on your stomach and pushing your upper body up to stretch out your trunk.

And he said no ab workout would be effective without a proper diet (think nutrient-dense foods and plenty of water). His tips are simple, just like his effective workout moves. “Fuel your body the way you’d fuel an old-school train — logs into the fire. You have to have a high metabolism to burn fat; more logs means more fire, AKA faster metabolism,” said Calliet. “Your body is a machine; hydrate well and eat five good meals a day to feed your body the right nutrients.”

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